NAB 2017: Media companies begin the transition to IP with Vizrt

Media companies begin the transition to IP with Vizrt

Vizrt will support complete IP production and playout workflows at several partner booths during NAB 2017. Supported formats featured will include SMPTE-2110, NewTek’s NDI™, and more

Vizrt, a world leading creator of software-based media solutions, has made it a priority to support media companies on their journey to IP. The focus is on live productions, supporting open and future-proof solutions.Together with hardware partners, Vizrt is constantly extending the functionality of production platforms to be the central part of the IP ecosystem for customers.

IP format agnostic

The core of Vizrt’s IP production and playout workflows is Viz Engine, providing graphics rendering, clip players, downstream keyers and DVEs. The system is format agnostic, giving media companies the flexibility to move forward with quickly evolving IP standards, ensuring that their video and graphics systems will continue to perform no matter what they decide to use as their house format.

“The Viz Engine real-time compositor is open to any input and output format. We allow media companies to choose the input format, be it SDI, IP streams, clips, or even graphics, to be taken just before playout. This gives media companies flexibility in using any format that meets the requirements of the moment. The end result is very easy usage that is futureproof,” said Gerhard Lang, Chief Engineering Officer at Vizrt.


Matrox X.mio3 IP powers Viz Engine

At NAB 2017, Vizrt will also show Viz Engine integrated with the Matrox X.mio3 IP multi-channel video I/O over 10 GbE card to run SMPTE-2110 with video, audio and 2059-2 PTP timing. The Matrox X.mio3 IP offers multi-channel, IP-encapsulated HD, 3G and UHD1 video I/O, support for all IP transport protocols including ST 2110, ST 2022-7, ST 2022-6, and ASPEN, plus hardware based on-board de-interlacing, scaling, and compositing.

Matrox will have product experts on hand at both the Matrox (booth SL6316) and AIMS booths (N4824) to discuss the capabilities of the X.mio3 IP integrated with Viz Engine.

“With SMPTE-2110 and the AIMS Alliance, our pursuit of one unified standard supported by all vendors is close to a reality. We have implemented video, audio, and ancillary data to be shown at NAB 2017. Thanks to the AIMS Alliance and all of it’s members, interoperability, the key to a successful ecosystem, is tested on a regular basis. All vendors and media companies will benefit greatly from this,” added Gerhard Lang.


Low cost, high-quality productions

The costs of creating a live production are dropping, but viewers still expect to see a high-quality product, whether they are consuming media on-air or online. Vizrt has teamed up with NewTek to promote their ground-breaking NDI technology that can accommodate efficient, multi-source live IP video switching over a standard GigE LAN infrastructure for low cost, but high quality productions. Vizrt will support NDI on NewTek’s booth at NAB 2017.

Complete virtualized solutions

Virtualized solutions are a major step towards creating a sustainable and cost effective IP ecosystem. Vizrt’s efforts towards this goal have already enabled Viz Engine to be completely virtualized with video and graphics playout from the cloud using Azure and Amazon.


Vizrt’s complete IP capabilities will be displayed at these stands:

  • AIMS, booth N4824, featuring SMPTE-2110 with video, audio and 2059-2 PTP timing.
  • NewTek, booth SL5016, featuring NewTek NDI protocol. The NewTek NDI protocol will also be used for IP capabilities on the Vizrt booth.
  • Arista Networks, booth SL11509, featuring SMPTE-2022-6 together with EVS as a video source.
  • Evertz, booth N1503, featuring a SMPTE-2110 configuration

Harmonic, booth N628FP, featuring a SMPTE-2110 configuration


About Vizrt
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