MultiDyne Unleashes Versatile New BullDog II Field Fiber System for 2018NAB Show

MultiDyne Unleashes Versatile New BullDog II Field Fiber System for  2018 NAB Show

Highly configurable, modular and adaptable platform offers a common solution for MultiDyne’s family of Field Fiber products

MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions has developed a common fiber-optic platform for three key product lines, empowering customers with a versatile and modular solution to support virtually any field-based transport need. At the 2018 NAB Show, taking place April 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, MultiDyne (Booth C6818) will unveil its second-generation BullDog II platform, giving customers the industry’s most scalable platform to support any number of signals in one box.

The BullDog II will eclipse the current MultiDyne family of Field Fiber units, which includes the LightBox, LightCube and current-generation BullDog. To date, these have been MultiDyne’s three foundational systems to support long-distance signal distribution between trucks, studios and hard-to-reach locations in broadcast, live production and commercial AV applications.

With the versatile BullDog II platform, broadcasters, content producers and commercial AV users (corporate, medical, venues) retain the benefits of a purpose-engineered solution from a durability perspective, yet can scale up and down for any configuration and signal count that were traditionally spread across various product lines.


To create even more flexibility, MultiDyne will initially roll out three different frame sizes for applications ranging from single-camera standup interviews to the largest-scale sporting events, with additional frame sizes to follow. User can add Pelican cases or other accessories, such as handles and rackmount kits, for protection and transport in studio environments and the harshest weather elements. Its ability to interoperate with MultiDyne openGear cards, the MultiDyne VF-9000 rackmount fiber transport frame, and other BullDog systems ensure the ultimate in Field Fiber flexibility for users.

As an example, users can easily change video signal counts from one event to the next by simply adding or removing cards. At the same time, new cards can be inserted to increase audio density or Ethernet capacity, among many additional signals and applications.

The BullDog II adopts a very compact design that is much smaller and lighter than other systems, reducing weight for easier portability on board trucks and out in the field. The design integrates a monitor and touchscreen to enhance signal control and status monitoring between two points.


“The BullDog, upon its introduction, was our most scalable field fiber system to date. With this second-generation system, we are effectively offering a single point of convergence with custom configurations for our customers,” said Frank Jachetta, President, MultiDyne. “BullDog II users will now have one rugged enclosure to accommodate news, sports and live event productions for any field application where remote powered equipment is required.”

The new BullDog platform will accommodate multiple video formats (12G, 4K, 3Gb/s, HD/SDI, composite) as well as mic/line audio, intercom, tally, Ethernet, genlock and data. Additionally, full camera control is supported using the camera manufacturer’s RCP via serial or a 10/100GigE Ethernet connection.


“It is a powerful platform that is careful not to box users into a fixed set of features and capabilities,” added Jachetta. “Instead, our customers have nearly limitless freedom to remove and add MultiDyne modules and openGear cards that will fit specific signal counts and applications. And its smaller footprint and lighter weight make portability that much easier for users who are scaling for larger productions.”

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