The Moving Picture Pavilion Showcases NewTek @Prolight & Sound 2014

NewTek TriCaster, the most complete live video production and streaming solutions will be showcased on Teltec stand Hall 9 B14

3D Storm, distributor of NewTek products in EMEA and LiveXpert worldwide, will showcase NewTek TriCaster and NewTek 3Play, the powerful instant live replay system, on The Moving Pavilion at Prolight & Sound 2014.

For the second year, Teltec, 3D Storm partner and NewTek Specialist Dealer in Germany, exhibits on the Moving Picture Pavilion of Prolight & Sound, 200 sqm dedicated to video solutions for professionals and broadcasters, including NewTek Live video production and streaming solutions.

“We are very happy to have our partner 3DStorm/NewTek on this years´ moving.picture.pavilion", says Steffen Schenk, COO at Teltec, "With the multifunction possibilities, no other solution better matches the special needs of today's event-live-environments"


NewTek TriCaster Multi-camera live production & Streaming System
NewTek solutions make production more interactive and intuitive by providing all the tools to reach a worldwide audience with high quality content, or display content in real-time on any chosen screen. NewTek TriCaster provides eight camera inputs and two network inputs, intuitive control over up to eight remote cameras, recording capacities of all cameras feeds in HD, Instant live streaming function and real-time publication on social media platforms functions, without encoding. Last but not least NewTek TriCaster offers unique functions to create breathtaking live virtual environment.

NewTek TriCaster includes amazing functionalities to add logos, titles and graphics according to your graphic chart. Play your videos, animations and audio live, thanks to five integrated Digital Disk Recorders in the TriCaster.


NewTek TriCaster also provides extensive automation of all commands of the live production. The recordable macros and the eight configurable hotspots give the ability to trigger and assign all actions of the live production to one button of the control surface or to a keyboard shortcut. All the actions planned in the live production can also be triggered instantly with the MIDI protocol support included in each TriCaster from the pro-line, with a remote console such as the LaunchS Pad.

LiveXpert : Extensive Graphics Solutions for TriCaster
LiveXpert line of products compiles intuitive solutions that complement TriCaster, and improve dramatically the information displayed and given to the viewers during live productions. LiveXpert solutions enhance TriCaster operations by providing powerful options to manage titling and scoring during live productions.


Create outstanding graphics according to a defined branding for online content or live information sent to big displays. Add more personality to your productions with the capabilities of adding embedded logos with LiveCG Broadcast. LiveCG Football handles the management of scoring, timing, advertising, players information … in real-time for Football live productions. The amazing tool, controlled from a computer via iVGA provides the tools to enhance partners and advertisers visibility.

Never leave the sound out of your production, and control it remotely with LiveMixer, the add-on for TriCaster to control the audio mixer of the TriCaster from a computer or from a remote audio console such as the Yamaha 01v96i, among others.


NewTek TriCaster
Broadcast, live stream, display and record full HD programming with TriCaster, a high definition, network-quality portable live production solution. In one system you gain multi-channel HD switching, HD network-style and holographic virtual sets, HD titling, HD digital disk recording, audio mixing, HD editing, extensive macro and automation functions, full HD streaming, and instant publication on social platforms. Producers, bloggers, directors, companies or anyone who wants to publish video content worldwide, find in TriCaster all the essential tools to achieve professional results that match their needs.


LiveXpert product line gives producers the ability to produce more content without compromising on budget and quality, and offer all the keys to see the big picture, take on more ambitious projects and make the difference. Generate high quality logos, manage graphics with advanced visual effects with LiveCG Broadcast™, and add more realtime capabilities to your live production. Enrich sports live productions with Live CG™ Football, an exclusive tool dedicated to Football scoring, statistics and graphics management. Enhance sponsors and advertisers visibility.

With LiveMixer™, don't leave the sound out of your live production, control the audio mixer of TriCaster remotely and instantly, with industry standard audio consoles.