MovieTech Presents a New Track Dolly

ScooterDolly operated on Magnum Dolly and on the floor

It’s comparable to a slider dolly but MovieTech’s new Scooter Dolly is much more versatile due to its easily extendable track system and regarding the large spectrum of cameras it may carry: with a weight of 4.8 kg the Scooter Dolly is suitable for lightweight photo cameras but provides also a solid base for high-end cameras.

Thus, the Scooter Dolly with its small packing size and easy assembly is perfect for any situation where a manned camera dolly is superfluous. Furthermore the Scooter Dolly is unique in its possibility to be used as an overhead tracking system.

The Scooter Dolly moves remarkably smoothly as it has special wheels with an optimized tread with adjustable wheel pressure. This technical feature allows a very quiet operation.


The narrow-gauge tracks are made of especially profiled, extruded aluminum and are available in lengths of 90cm, 160cm or 230cm (to be combined to any length). By using connectors they can be mounted on camera tripods, ground adapters or euro mount adapters or on a Magnum Dolly. Even boxes and ladders can be used as an underlay for the tracks.

ScooterDolly operated on more tripods and with boxes and ladders as base underlay


The standard package of the MovieTech Scooter Dolly already includes track connectors and adjustable base plates. The range of hands-on accessories includes numerous adapters and a telescopic rod - ideal for operation at floor level or overhead.

The Scooter Dolly is available starting from 2900 Euro!

About Movie Tech
MovieTech is based in Munich with subsidiaries in Milan and Prague. As one of the leading manufacturers in its field, it produces and markets products and solutions for the film industry. The MovieTech product range concentrates on the areas of: camera cranes, dollies, lighting systems, remote heads and corresponding accessories. The products marketed under the ABC-Products name cover the entire range of extremely lightweight and high-quality  equipment for the video, HD and broadcast sectors.


The mission of Movie Tech is to manufacture professional film equipment that not only considerably simplifies the work of those using it on the set or in the studio, but also facilitates the implementation of creative ideas. At the end of 2006, MTS Media Technical System was taken over and integrated into the MovieTech portfolio. The brand stands for first-class studio equipment, including drop-arms, pantographs, lighting rigs, telescopes and rail systems. Lastro Engineering was taken over in April 2010. The company offers planning, consulting and stage engineering as well as installation.