More than Powder and Water: d&b is d&b at Tonmeistertagung


With a hazel to dark brown foam, tan hues and a very fine texture, with the nose revealing an intense scent emitting notes of flowers, fruits, toasted bread and chocolate and a taste that is round, persistent and velvety. With a balanced ratio of sour and bitter notes and a sugar island that goes down very gradually. That is, according to the statutes of the Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano, the perfect espresso.

Prepared using a portafilter machine with hot water between 88-94 degrees centigrade, with a nine bar output pressure, seven grams of finely ground coffee and twenty five seconds cycle time. Then, professionally assembled by a Barista who has extensive knowledge of coffee, coffee roasting, operation and maintenance of the machine, frothing milk, and much more. And last but not least, a good deal of passion.

And so it is no different with d&b audiotechnik. Here as well, professionalism is just one part of the whole, and not without passion. Black is conceivable only with white, only with loud and quiet as well as straight and round. In other words, d&b is d&b. Therefore at Tonmeistertagung there are no new sound systems at the centre, but all that is d&b and that makes d&b still stands. Over a perfect espresso one can comfortably chat.


Tonmeistertagung is held at the Congress-Centrum Nord der Kolner Messe, Cologne, Germany where d&b can be found on stand 0-20.