More than a New Name: ARRI Film & TV Becomes ARRI MEDIA


On 7th May 2015, ARRI Film & TV Services GmbH was officially renamed ARRI Media GmbH in the commercial register. The new name is a consequence of major restructuring within the company, a subsidiary of ARRI AG that offers a variety of production, postproduction and distribution services from several facilities within Germany.

The managing directors of ARRI Media, Franz Kraus, Dr. Jörg Pohlman and Josef Reidinger, will lead the following staff members, listed by their area of responsibility:

•    Imaging: Dierk Beck von Rohland
•    VFX: Dominik Trimborn
•    Sound: Daniel Vogl
•    Creative Media Solutions: Philipp Bartel
•    Asset Management / Lab / Restoration / DCP: Markus Kirsch
•    Deliverables: Günther Bornkessel
•    Worldsales & Productions: Antonio Exacoustos
•    Commercial / New Business: Wolf Bosse
•    Sales: Josef Reidinger

The name change to ARRI Media signals a clear vision of the future: digital workflows are to be standardized across the facility sites, there will be increased proximity to ARRI Rental for support during shooting and a technology pool is planned in the medium term that can be accessed flexibly. Synergies between the various departments of ARRI Media will be better utilized and the benefits passed on to customers through meaningful package deals.


Technical and personnel support across sites has already been proven in the sound department over the past few months. Not only are the ARRI re-recording studios in Munich and Berlin led by one person, Daniel Vogl, but also the recently acquired re-recording studios on the Bavaria premises in Geiselgasteig, formerly run by CinePostproduction.

The same efficient structuring is shortly to be implemented in the area of imaging under Dierk Beck von Rohland, a new employee long-known to the company and highly valued for his professional skills.

Existing sites will remain where they are, with the main location in Munich-Schwabing and the new Munich location named ARRI@Bavaria, with its cinema mixing and grading facilities. The second-largest ARRI Media branch office remains in Berlin, while the postproduction sites in Cologne, Halle and Frankfurt will continue to be operated, as will the office in Ludwigsburg.

The declared aim of ARRI Media is to be a competent partner for filmmakers, creatively and technically in picture and sound postproduction services, as well as in production and worldwide distribution.