Molden Media Launches M2PadT

The free-to-use iPad application for controlling Viz EngineT

Now available on the Apple App store, this iPad application lets presenters load scenes, trigger animations, and offers multi-touch scene control. Plus, background image updates show the output of the Viz renderer.

With M2Touch™ anchors can control the graphics on air while not interrupting the flow of the presentation.

The companion screengrab application (M2WerkBox) is available for download from the Molden Media web site, as are a number of sample multitouch scenes. To increase scene flexibility without scripting we recommend the M2Touch Plug-ins, which provide a pack of useful animation features like dynamic behaviour, gravity, movement in 6 degrees of freedom, barrel roll animations and so on.


To utilise multiple multitouch devices at once (for example two Ipads, or an additional multitouch display) or for a very big display wall, or to take advantage of bespoke gestural recognition,  choose the M2Touch Gateway software.

Download M2PadT from the Apple App store