Mobile Viewpoint Goes Green, WMT Live-­Kart


At IBC 2013 Mobile Viewpoint, leading innovator in broadcasting technology, introduced the WMT Live-­Kart. The Live-­Kart is a three wheel electric vehicle holding a camera with SL-­10 live IP encoder that connects wireless with the WMT AccessPoint located at the back of the vehicle. On the front the WMT Live-­Kart has a mounting plate supporting quick release camera systems making it possible to drive up to events while sending a live feed.

Because the Live Kart has a green, non polluting energy source, it can be used in many locations, in large crowds and even inside.
On any location it is possible to set-up the WMT Live-­Kart as ‘hub’ and take the camera into the field while connected with the Live Kart using a wireless camera link. The WMT­‐Live Kart will use 3G/4G technology to make live broadcasting possible. Due to the end-­to-­end set-­up transcoding is not needed.


The WMT­‐Live kart can easily hold the Mobile Viewpoint extendable dome or directional antennas to increase the quality of the wireless camera link and the 3G/4G connection. The video encoding in the SL‐10, at the back of the camera, is adapted according to the available combined 3G/4G bandwidth.

This solution blends together the unique selling points of a wireless camera link and a 3G/4G bonded video transmitter. With the WMT Live‐Kart Mobile Viewpoint introduces a solution that bridges the local mile between the parking lot and the event. The WMT Live-­Kart also combines the connection between camera and TV News room.


With repeaters it is possible to extend the distance between the camera and the WMT-­Live Kart. The batteries from the Live-­Kart power the WMT AccessPoint and guarantee a long lasting operational availability. The Live-­Kart runs on a 480 Watt Ii-­ion battery, has a 35 km range and can be charged from a regular socket.

Mobile Viewpoint is a Netherlands based company, focusing on the development of Mobile Video Solutions for both the security and broadcast industry. Mobile Viewpoint was recognized at IBC 2012 together with the BBC, for its role in helping provide the coverage for the Olympic Torch Relay. Mobile Viewpoint delivers products and software across the entire value-­chain. Well-­known products are the WMT Expert, the Simply Live Encoder and the WMT Content Exchange. Mobile Viewpoint is based in Alkmaar and delivers its solutions to clients all over the world.