Mobile TV Group Chooses Vinten Vectors for their Mobile Unit Fleet


In its’ nearly two decades in business, fast growing, Denver headquartered Mobile TV Group has done just about every type of sports remote pickup imaginable. That experience has taught them the value of good support. When it comes to camera support, that's been Vinten Vector series heads.

“We’ve got over 200 Vinten Vector pan and tilt heads, Vector 70s, 700s and 750s, spread among our 27, soon to be 28, mobile trucks,” said Philip Garvin, Founder and General Manager of Mobile TV Group. “In the mobile truck business, we’ve got to invest in heads that are able to perform and stand up to heavy use, but also heads the operators like. I think that sports camera operators are happy to see the Vinten Vector when they work with our trucks.”

Vinten Vector 70, Vector 700, Vector 750


The Vector’s pantographic counterbalance mechanism allows operators to counterbalance for different weight camera packages without changing out cams, which simplifies and speeds setup at sports venues. This combined with Vinten’s higher output drag modules provides excellent control for heavier payloads.

“Our trucks cover a broad range of sports,” said Garvin. “80 percent is baseball, hockey or basketball. Football is another 15 percent. We’re starting to do a little more soccer, and we see an occasional volleyball pickup. With the three trucks we built for the BTN Network, we’re doing all kinds of sports; basketball, football, baseball and Olympic sports like wrestling, soccer, field hockey and swimming. I’m sure there’s a sport we haven’t done, but I can’t think of any.”


Vinten® is a global market leader in camera support technology for broadcast professionals and videographers The company’s wide range of equipment enables camera operators to work the way they choose without compromise and includes pan and tilt heads, tripods and pedestals suitable for ENG, EFP, OB and studio environments.

Vinten provides the most innovative, intuitive camera support products available by working closely with today’s professionals and understanding their changing needs.

Along with other leading brands in the broadcast and videographer industry, Vinten is part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company.