Mobile Television Group Builds Latest Truck Using Grass Valley Live HD Technologies

Mobile Television Group provides mobile units for over 4000 live sports and entertainment events across the country.

Denver-based Colorado Studio is building another new high-definition (HD) production truck for its Mobile Television Group (MTVG), which will feature a full complement of live production technologies from Grass Valley™. The new truck, which will hit the road in mid-June in Phoenix, is among numerous owned by MTVG that are based around Grass Valley technologies.

In designing the new 31HDX truck, the goal was to create a mobile production studio that could work equally well for a dual feed (home and visitor shows) or a single feed.  MTVG’s serves mostly regional sports networks where dual feeds are frequently used.   The “suite mode” of the Kayenne switcher permits both the home and the visitor to have multiple M/Es working simultaneously on two separate control panels.

“We have been a long-time Grass Valley customer because the equipment is reliable, our clients ask for it, and it always helps us get the job done very efficiently,” said Philip Garvin, President of Colorado Studio and owner/manager of Mobile Television Group. “This new truck will get a real workout right from the time it hits the road with the ability to produce in both 720p and 1080i.”


31HDX is being outfitted with a Grass Valley Kayenne™ 4.5 M/E Video Production Center switcher, a Trinix™ NXT (256x512) router under the control of Grass Valley Jupiter™ software, 10 LDK 8000 Elite HD cameras (each with the new 3G Triax transmission solution), OCP 400 Camera Control panels, and a variety of signal processing modules from the Grass Valley GeckoFlex™ product line. This new video production switcher is the seventh Kayenne production switcher currently owned by Mobile Television Group.

The 53-foot, 31HDX production truck will be primarily based in Arizona and used to produce live HD telecasts for MLB, NHL, and NBA games. 

“Colorado Studio continues to be a great customer with the vision to understand when a new truck is needed to support the industry, as well as the specific technologies required to provide the most value,” said Jeff Rosica, Executive Vice President of Grass Valley. "The Mobile Television Group has always been on the cutting edge of remote production technology, and this new truck and equipment will further solidify that reputation.”


With mobile units located in most major markets in the US, Mobile Television Group provides mobile units for over 4000 live sports and entertainment events across the country. The company also uses Grass Valley Kalypso™ and Kayak™ HD production switchers, as well as LDK 6000 and LDK 8000 cameras on board its other trucks. As a long-time Grass Valley customer, Colorado Studios now has close to 200 Grass Valley LDK 6000 WorldCam and LDK 8000 Elite HD cameras, more than 21 Grass Valley production switchers, as well as routing switchers and modular equipment on board their fleet of mobile production trucks.

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