Miranda Adds Support for Dolby Digital Plus Encoding in Densité Audio Processing Cards


Miranda Technologies, a Belden Brand, a global provider of integrated solutions for production, playout and delivery systems for television broadcasters and multi-system operators, has introduced support for Dolby® Digital Plus encoding functionality in its audio processing sub-modules.

Miranda already includes Dolbyâ E and Dolby® Digital decoding and encoding technology in its signal processing products in the form of add-on expansion modules for the XVP-3901 3Gbps/HD/SD up/down/cross converter. These cards, as well as others in the Densité modular platform, such as the FRS-3901 frame synchronizer, EAP-3901 embedded audio and metadata processor, and AMX-3981 embedder and ADX-3981 de-embedder will all now take advantage of Dolby Digital Plus audio processing sub-modules.

The addition of Dolby Digital Plus to the Dolby Digital encoder means that Miranda’s audio processing module will provide the same high quality audio compression they always have, but at a data rate as much as 50 percent lower than currently required, enabling 5.1 multichannel audio at rates as low as 192kbps. With Dolby Digital Plus, broadcasters will be able to deliver multichannel surround sound across multiple platforms and content types.


Moreover, because Dolby Digital Plus is a highly flexible technology readily adaptable to new features that can power new and compelling experiences across all devices and consumer use cases, it extends the benefits of Miranda’s audio processing modules in broadcast infrastructures for the foreseeable future.

Scott Murray, Miranda’s senior vice president, Core Products, said, “The potential bandwidth savings alone are a compelling reason to deploy Dolby Digital Plus-enabled encoder modules, but the ability to make the bandwidth surplus available for other revenue-generating services effectively doubles the modules’ value.”


Miranda’s Dolby Digital Plus audio processing modules will retain their support for Dolby Digital. Users can select their preferred audio encoding mode via the processing card interface at the time of configuration, which provides the flexibility to select the audio compression process best suited to the application and overall business requirements.

A broad range of Miranda’s latest solutions will be on display at NAB 2014, Booth N2513.