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Minnetonka Audio Redefines Dolby E Value

Company provides more Dolby E functionality for less while adding new crossgrades & bundle

Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc., a leader in production software for motion picture, broadcast surround sound applications and consumer electronics, announced today new pricing on the entire family of Dolby E solutions, including standalone encoders, decoders and bundles. In line with these adjustments, a newly announced production suite offers a simple and comprehensive entry into Dolby E workflows for a wide variety of businesses.

Helping facilities around the world to address expanding digital television requirements for Dolby E content in their workflows, Minnetonka Audio has reduced the price of their entire line of Dolby E production tools up to 43 percent. In addition, a new collection has been created that affordably bundles all the tools a shop needs to handle Dolby E in their day to day jobs, while new crossgrade pricing helps businesses to flexibly grow their capabilities without limited licensing restrictions.

The new SurCode for Dolby™ E Suite combines the SurCode for Dolby™ E Encoder and Decoder with Minnetonka's Audio Workflow Engine, AudioTools AWE™, and their new SurCode for Dolby™ E Stream Player plug-in. This suite provides real time and faster-than-real time encoding and decoding of Dolby E streams and files, while also equipping a separate operator with the ability to automatically downmix surround streams to stereo in real time with the cross-platform SurCode for Dolby E Stream Player plug-in for Avid, Final Cut, VST and AudioTools AWE formats. The Stream Player's downmixing is a true emulation of what a consumer equipped for stereo playback would hear.


Unit pricing for the SurCode for Dolby E Encoder or Decoder is now US$1975, making it easy to accommodate on any budget. The cost of a SurCode for Dolby E Bundle, which includes an encoder and decoder along with AudioTools AWE for background/parallel processing of audio assets, has been reduced from $4499 to $3495. The new SurCode for Dolby E Suite is priced at $3995, and adds the SurCode for Dolby E Stream Player to the above bundle. For companies who are locked in to a competitor's more limited licensing scheme, SurCode for Dolby E Encoder and Decoder are individually available as a crossgrade for $1695.

"Thanks to the incredible success of our entire Dolby E range, we are now able to offer our retail products at a substantially reduced price. The modular architecture of the SurCode for Dolby E line allows us to deliver scaled functionality where it's needed most," said John Schur, President of Minnetonka Audio Software. "Budgets continue to shrink, but the work still must get done and, for a very modest outlay, every media producer can affordably incorporate Dolby E into their daily work flows. With the inherent efficiencies of SurCode for Dolby E along side our new pricing model, Minnetonka Audio is helping our customers to move ahead."


Revised pricing is effective immediately. The products and packages mentioned are available now from select resellers or online at Minnetonka Audio Software. Licenses are cross-platform and bundle/suite licenses are modular, allowing them to be assigned to separate iLok USB Smart Keys according to the purchaser's deployment needs.

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An award winning solutions provider for motion picture, video, broadcast, game, and optical disc production, Minnetonka Audio Software creates essential technology for top media professionals around the world. Their SurCode, discWelder and AudioTools AWE product lines broadly support the CD, DVD, BD and DTV standards. Spanning over two decades of operation and based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc. has offices in Texas and a subsidiary in Germany in addition to an international network of distributors and channel partners who share our commitment to quality and service.


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