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MiniPlus is the first choice - Boxing Documentary with Litepanels

Urs Zimmermann used this LED light in many different situations while shooting "Fliegengewicht"

The German production company "Gruppe Weimar Filmproduktion" shot the 30-minute documentary "Fliegengewicht" ("Flyweight") for the German TV channel MDR (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk). It is about a young ethnic German repatriate who has to face the reality of his new home, and how boxing plays a central role for him during this process. Director of Photography Urs Zimmermann chose the MiniPlus LED light from Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand, for principal illumination.

The film crew of "Gruppe Weimar Filmproduktion" followed Ruslan Saripov to this year's European Junior Boxing Championship in Ukraine. Ruslan is the new-fledged German Junior Flyweight Champion. He dreams of becoming a successful boxer. He practices in an old transformer station in Weimar with other German and immigrant adolescents to achieve athletic success. Through boxing, this young man searches for his identity in his new home, Germany.

MiniPlus – illumination with strong accents

Director of Photography Urs Zimmermann and directors Ronny Pohl, Dorian Roth, and Markus Dietrich decided on a lighting plan that put emphasis on strongly accented illumination of the characters. The LED light had just the right features. "I really like the MiniPlus because of its lighting characteristics,“ explains Urs Zimmermann. “I am totally enthralled by the light’s capabilities." The MiniPlus was used for outdoor shooting in backlight situations, as an eye-light or fill light for indoor shooting, and as a key light for night shoots. The soft LED lighting delivered by the MiniPlus illuminated all the various situations.


"A well-designed device"

During the documentary’s production, the Litepanels MiniPlus was used both in Germany and Ukraine. Securely mounted on the camera, it functioned as a front light and was always in action. "The low weight of the light was also a plus,“ said Zimmermann, "because it made shooting much easier. The MiniPlus is extremely robust – all in all a really well-designed device." The long battery life, which allowed the camera operator to carry out his work untethered, also impressed the crew. For optimal realization of scenes and, thus, the perfect imagery, the Litepanels MiniPlus is the ideal light for Urs Zimmermann.