Miller Camera Support Equipment at BIRTV 2014

Camera Support Company to Display Advanced Cineline 70 Fluid Head and Air Tripod Systems

Miller Camera Support Equipment, a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions, is set to showcase its advanced Cineline 70 Fluid Head and Air Tripod System range, which includes the Air Alloy System and Air Carbon Fibre System, at Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition (BIRTV) 2014 (Stand 8A21). The most influential exhibition in the Asian broadcasting industry, BIRTV is the ideal tradeshow for Miller to display its latest offerings in cutting-edge camera support solutions to the Asian market.

“BIRTV is a meeting of the minds in the broadcast industry, and is a great opportunity for Miller to showcase its latest developments and draw inspiration from worldwide like-minded thought leaders,” says Charles Montesin, Global Marketing and Sales Manager, Miller Camera Support Equipment. “The idea to create the Cineline 70 Fluid Head actually originated in the Asian market, as Asia produces an incredible volume of feature films and the demand for top-notch camera support technology in the region is high. As China’s compelling market continues to grow, Miller looks forward to continuing to develop and share its leading solutions with the region’s broadcast professionals.”

Constructed of corrosion-resistant alloy, the robust Cineline 70 Fluid Head is ideal for use on high-end television commercials, broadcast productions, feature films and documentaries that require heavy payload, frequent re-rigging and a diverse range of lenses and cameras. Currently unmatched in the industry, the heavy-duty fluid head offers advanced precision fluid drag control with ultra soft starts and smooth stops and perfect diagonal drag transition. For easy setup changes, its eight-position counterbalance system, with “all-in-one-location” rear-mounted controls, easily allows users to capture the big picture. Additionally, its extended sliding range promotes quick and seamless rebalancing of the rig when changed lenses result in weight distribution shifts.


The lightweight Cineline 70 Fluid Head offers dual side mounts for monitors and accessories, as well as an assistant’s box front mount and is set to accommodate industry leading cameras, including Arri, Sony, RED, and Canon. It additionally features an Arri-compatible side-loading camera platform and, with an optional, easy-to-fit 1225 Mitchell Base Adaptor, it suits traditional Mitchell Flat Base tripods.

Miller’s premium Air Tripod Systems are the perfect, lightweight travel companions for ENG crews shooting both videos and photos in rugged, outdoor conditions. Both systems are compact, versatile and durable. Each system consists of an Air Fluid Head, offering professionals authentic Miller fluid head pan and tilt technology, and a variant of the Solo 75 2-Stage Tripod. The Air Fluid Head, composed of genuine metal, comes with two positions of selectable counterbalance and a dual pan handle option. Both systems have the ability to support payloads ranging from two kilograms (4.4 pounds) to five kilograms (11 pounds).

The Air Alloy System (3001) consists of the Air Fluid Head and the Solo 75 2-Stage Alloy Tripod, which is designed for the single operator. Selectable leg angle locks ensure rapid stabilization at any height, with the tripod boasting an impressive range, capable of extending from 234 millimeters (9.2 inches) to 1625 millimeters (64 inches). Its sturdy alloy, magnesium design ensures durability and its new rapid lock system can lock or unlock with less than one quarter of a turn. The tripod’s Neoprene leg protection allows for exceptional grip and is ideal for users who are either carrying or setting up the tripod in extreme weather conditions.


The Air Carbon Fibre System (3005) consists of the Air Fluid Head and the Solo 75 2-Stage Carbon Fibre Tripod, which is purpose-built for professionals who desire to work with the most lightweight camera support technology. The Air Carbon Fibre System features all the same benefits of the Air Alloy System but at a much lighter weight, totaling at 4.5 kilograms (9.9 pounds) versus the Air Alloy System’s weight of 4.9 kilograms (10.8 pounds). The Air Carbon Fibre System offers both cinematographers and photographers rock solid stability and is ideal for those shooting in extremely remote locations.

Additionally, Miller will display its compact Air and DS tripod series, the multi-award winning Compass series, the industry stalwart Arrow series and the robust 150mm ball leveling Skyline 70 fluid head and tripod systems. The company will also showcase its complete range of carbon fibre and alloy tripods.


About Miller Camera Support Equipment
Founded in 1954, Miller Camera Support Equipment designs, manufactures and delivers professional fluid heads and tripods to the film and television industry, providing support for the world’s leading camera operators. Celebrating sixty years in the industry, Miller is a longtime, global leader in the field of contemporary camera support and holds the first patent for fluid head design for film cameras, which it obtained in 1946. Today, Miller’s tripod and camera support systems are frequently used during electronic news gatherings (ENG), electronic field production (EFP), and digital video applications by the world’s leading networks, production houses, corporate, educational and government institutions in more than 65 countries.