Memoto Film Team Travels Around the World for Lifelogging Documentary


Memoto, the company behind the wearable camera successfully launched through Kickstarter, is producing a documentary about the lifelogging trend. Last summer, Memoto sent a film team around the world to interview lifeloggers. Today, they release the film trailer for “Lifeloggers”.

Memoto, an innovative Swedish company with the goal of giving everyone a true photographic memory, recently launched an intelligent, miniature camera to capture every moment of your life in photo sequences. Chronicling your life like this is often referred to as “lifelogging” and is a nascent trend among early adopters in the tech community.

Last summer, Memoto sent two young film students on a trip around the world to find out more about the lifelogging field and the impact it will have on our lives. The end result will be “Lifeloggers”, a 30-minute documentary, distributed for free over Internet starting January 2013. Today, a trailer for the film is released on


“We were asked by Memoto if we wanted to go around the world and interview people doing this “lifelogging” thing. We had no idea what that was, but it felt like something we wanted to find out more about,” said Amanda Alm, a Swedish media school student, who together with her classmate, Victor Bloom, have been working on the documentary since last summer.


Lifelogging – to register your life with technical tools and services – has been an obscure hobby for a few technically minded people. But with wearable computers getting cheaper and the number of smartphone-apps, tracking everything from sleep (i.e Sleeptrack) to exercise (i.e. Runkeeper), exploding, the interest for lifelogging has grown.

“Memoto is a part of this trend and we wanted to listen to what other people, who have been active lifeloggers for years, think about the future. Instead of just emailing and asking and keeping the answers to ourselves, we decided to meet them in person, film the meeting and make a movie out of it so more people can take part of the results,” explained Martin Källström, CEO at Memoto.


The filming of “Lifeloggers” started in July 2012 and sent Amanda and Victor on a complete journey around the world: from Stockholm via Copenhagen, Beirut, Berlin, London, Southampton, Cambridge, Oxford, Boston, New York, Toronto, Victoria, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, New Taipei and Tokyo before they landed back home in Stockholm six weeks later.

About Memoto
Memoto is a Swedish startup with a vision of giving everyone a true photographic memory. As an innovator in the field of lifelogging, Memoto develops products and technologies that offer its users a way to capture and share every special moment of their lives.