Mediatec Bets on a Winner

“Good solution, simplicity and flexibility for our future needs” is the message from the client

Mediatec are operational with the installation of the miniHUB optical fiber distribution system. The Oslo broadcast center is a busy portal for international sports with repurposing facilities, as well as handling local and international feeds for Rikstoto horse racing operations.

HD-SDI signal transport over this distance was only possible by installing an Optical fiber system between Bjerkebanen Race course and the Oslo broadcast center in Økern Torgvei (OTV). This coupled with the miniHUB system by Norwia was an ideal partnership to provide a cost effective and quality system.

When comparing to other optical based frame based systems and other compression systems the cost of ownership of the Norwia system was ahead in all domains.


Mediatec has installed 8 signals paths between the two locations. All signals are HD-SDI signal with the system able to transport 3G-SDI if needed in the future. The miniHUB unique properties allow for signal direction to be changed easily without any further expense which makes this very flexible for repurposing in the future or to purpose build for special events. Gigabit Ethernet is also available on the same product with a simple purchase of a cost effective SFP that enables Mediatec’s installed equipment that is currently running HD-SDI to be repurposed for Ethernet if needed.

Arne Stenstadvold from Mediatec remarks, “Norwia unit gave us a good solution where price met the simplicity and flexibility as our needs change in the future. Redundant power supply and monitoring via a network interface was also important for stability and control. Norwia's miniHUB competed against a rack shelf with loose small EO / OE converters that's not seen as professional as a compact 1 rack unit frame where we have the choice to expand the functionality later”


Norwia provides a format flexible, application flexible optical fiber distribution product that makes a very clear statement when it comes to cost of ownership. Features such as add/drop/pass, optical distribution and transponder functions are available to Mediatec with the existing product installed making the flexibility of this next generation system from Norwia an ideal choice for this project.

About Mediatec
Mediatec is one of Europe’s largest corporations working with technical solutions for event and television productions. There core philosophy is to supply the right technology and to seamlessly provide robust working systems. Their field of expertise provides technical solutions for the media, event and sports industries and to meet the different needs of their clients they work in four interrelated areas; Broadcast, Display, Events and Installations.