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MEDIA BROADCAST CEO to be appointed as the Company’s Non Executive Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Helmut Egenbauer

Helmut Egenbauer, CEO of MEDIA BROADCAST, will be appointed to Non Executive Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company. In May 2010 Mr Egenbauer joined the European management of TDF, MEDIA BROADCAST’s parent company, with his appointment as President Central Europe.

MEDIA BROADCAST, where Mr Egenbauer has been CEO since 2001, is a member of the TDF Group and Europe’s leading service provider to the broadcast and media industry. As part of his future role in the TDF Group, Mr Egenbauer will now also join the boards of two TDF Group companies, Antenna Hungária in Hungary and Alticom in the Netherlands to oversee the expansion of these businesses.

Oliver Huart, CEO of the TDF Group, said: „Helmut Egenbauer has done an outstanding job as CEO of MEDIA BROADCAST, and I would like to thank him for his exceptional contribution to the company and the TDF Group. The German service-provider was successfully managed by Helmut during crucial stages of digitilization in alignment of the heterogeneous requirements for the upcoming years. We are proud to have Helmut bring his experience to the development and growth of our business in the Central Europe region and as member of the Group’s European management.”



MEDIA BROADCAST is Europe’s biggest full-service provider in the broadcasting and media industry. As part of its core business, the company manages, installs and operates multimedia transmission platforms for television and radio, based on state-of-the-art broadcasting, cable and satellite networks, both nationally and around the globe. MEDIA BROADCAST is part of the TDF Group and fully supports around 850 national and 110 international customers: Public and commercial broadcasters, TV and radio production companies, international broadcasters and network operators, media organizations and the cinema industry. The portfolio comprises nearly all kind of services within the broadcast process chain, as production, content management and transmission.