MCS Improves Quality and Flexibility with Ground-Breaking LDX Series Cameras

Media & Communication Systems GmbH Sachsen Anhalt (MCS), part of MDR in Germany, has ordered seven revolutionary Grass Valley® LDX Première™ camera systems to improve the flexibility and quality at its MDR Magdeburg broadcast center.

MCS needed a reliable, superior-quality camera to meet the growing demand for HD production, while enabling them to capture content effortlessly and stay competitive.  Grass Valley’s LDX Series™ of upgradable cameras was the perfect match for MCS's needs.

MCS ordered the seven LDX Première systems to replace its existing SD cameras. Key elements for MCS were the LDX's new, in-house developed,  Xensium-FT imager — which offers stunning images combined with exceptionally high sensitivity and low noise performance — and 3G Triax Transmission which will support MCS's existing infrastructure.


“Grass Valley made selecting LDX Première easy," said Robert Hansel, managing director of MCS. "With some of the most advanced imaging technologies in the industry combined with a low cost of ownership and implementation, LDX is simply a smart artistic and business decision.”

Part of the recently launched LDX Series, the LDX Première is a dual format HD camera optimized for basic broadcast applications, combining business flexibility, the ability to upgrade software functionality, operational excellence, and outstanding image performance.


“This order for seven LDX Première solutions will enable MCS to greatly improve quality, creativity, and operational efficiency,” said Alan Wright, Regional President, Europe, Middle East, and Africa for Grass Valley. “The LDX Series is the new standard in system cameras, offering our customers a real competitive differentiator in quality and flexibility.”

The LDX Series boasts time-saving advances such as improved color management and automated controls, allowing operators to concentrate on creativity.


The LDX Series — LDX Première™, LDX Elite™, and LDX WorldCam™ — represents the next stage in picture acquisition, with outstanding operation in 1080i/720p and full interoperability with Grass Valley's 3G Transmission solutions. The LDX WorldCam brings the highest level of capability by also delivering uncompromised performance in 1080p50/60.

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