MCR and Video Europe Announce Strategic Partnership

MCR and Video Europe Announce Strategic Partnership

Matt Marner, Steve Green, Mike Ransome

MCR Broadcast Hire and Video Europe Ltd today announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, formalising the existing and longstanding relationship between Mike Ransome and Steve Green and aligning the two companies’ business operations. Steve Green and Matt Marner, directors at Video Europe, have entered into a shareholding agreement in MCR Broadcast Hire alongside MCR’s Managing Director, Mike Ransome. Video Europe has invested significant funds into the live broadcast sector over the past few years and considers the alignment of MCR’s business a natural fit.

In response to the current Covid-19 crisis, and with technology playing an increasingly critical role in the live broadcast industry, the directors at both Video Europe and MCR Broadcast Hire recognised the need to accelerate the development of their broadcast solutions companies to ensure that both outfits remain competitive.

Ransome said: “Steve and I have been associates for years, supporting and working with each other on many occasions. Even though MCR is a relatively new set up, we know how we each operate, we know the sectors of our industry inside-out and we see that the time is now perfect to invest in our strong personal relationship and build on that for the future of both companies.”


Green said: “Mike has been extremely supportive of Video Europe over the past 20 years or so. With the Coronavirus crisis and the long-term decisions that were needed to be made in Video Europe, we recognised that MCR Broadcast Hire is a perfect fit with Video Europe’s business strategy.

“Our own business consolidation has meant that we now have a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with not only an associate but a friend in the business.”

Marner said: “The partnership is a perfect development for both companies. MCR is a natural alliance for Video Europe and whilst this is not a merger, the alignment of both companies provides benefits to both sets of clients.”


The partnership brings together considerable skills in business and broadcast technology strategy, technology development and deployment. Ransome alone has 30 years plus of experience in the broadcast hire and sports arena while MCR’s expert operative team also has many well-versed years in the industry. Video Europe already has a healthy business in the cinematic world and has recently opened a new operation in the USA.

Video Europe’s live broadcast equipment has already been transferred and moved to MCR’s operation in Chessington, London.  This has transformed MCR’s business offering and the company is now in a position to offer a significant quantity of EVS, Sony HDC-4300 channels and a full range of Canon broadcast lenses including the UJ122 and UJ111 types, in addition to the company’s already comprehensive broadcast hire inventory. Ransome will spearhead the live broadcast segment of the business with all Video Europe’s enquiries being seamlessly and efficiently redirected to MCR, while Video Europe concentrates on other sectors of the broadcast and cinematic industry.


Ransome continues: “We can now offer a substantially enlarged hire service to the professional broadcast industry. With Video Europe alongside MCR, the customer experience will be streamlined, efficient and improved. We are still independent entities and trading separately, but as a partnership our businesses now have deeper focus to offer an even better service for our clientele. Together we are stronger.”

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