Mass adoption for Calrec's Concord processor upgrades

More than 20 desks have upgraded to Calrec Concord processors since their launch in April. Customers including BBC, dock10, CNBC, Time Warner Cable, and CNN London have switched out their processors to take advantage of improved speed of operation, a cleaner and more straightforward interface, and a number of new features such as user-configurable wild controls and path presets. 

"I was impressed by the speed and smoothness of the upgrade, considering it also involved swapping out processors. The new software transforms the look and speed of the desk's user interface, allowing quicker and clearer feedback," said Will Underwood, lead sound engineer at Timeline Television, one of the companies that have taken advantage of the new processor.

"Multilayer interrogation is a feature we have requested and I'm pleased to see it has been integrated into the GUI. It has been invaluable when checking routes through the desk. The implementation is simple, and it's easy to see which layer has paths routed to a particular bus. The channel-processing overview is a very welcome improvement and I'm impressed by the 'wild' control assignment and extended use of the 'fader spill' panel. The ability to save presets in channel processing will also be particularly useful."


The Concord processor upgrade enabled Calrec to implement its version 3.0 software, which introduced a new processing mode, a new GUI that provides clearer information, and more instinctive interaction.

Summary displays provide an instant preview of a path's processing, and a single button-press reveals detailed controls for EQ, dynamics, delay, autofaders, or a combination of those essential controls for the whole path.

"The Concord processor upgrade has ushered in a new level of performance and ease of use for the Apollo and Artemis consoles, and we're delighted about the rate of customer adoption," said Henry Bourne, Calrec product manager.

"Customers have embraced the change and have reaped the benefits — more intuitive navigation, more time saved, and a shortened learning curve for new users."


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