Marshall High Resolution Dual 10.4” 4RU Rack Mount Monitor now with 3G Input

The Marshall V-R1042-IMD-3GTE Dual 10.4” 4RU rack mount monitor, now with 3G input

Marshall Electronics have released a 3G version of their popular V-R1042-IMD-3GTE dual 10.4 inch rack mount LCD monitor, adding one more important and practical feature to a whole host of other essential and very useful facilities already in there. The 3G input will in fact be available on the entire Marshall IMD range by NAB 2013.

Stuart Cameron, MD of Cache Media, sole distributor of Marshall Electronics in UK and Ireland said  “Most importantly to many customers in a time of shrinking budgets, this unit will save you money with Marshall’s ‘All In One’ IMD design, the In Monitor Display. This fully-integrated approach eliminates the need for additional or separate Under Monitor Displays and allows UMD information and tallies to be displayed directly within the Marshall flat panel display, saving precious rack space and UMD system outlay, as well as saving on weight and power too. A variety of features are readily available including on-screen video time code, three-color ‘soft’ tallies, and an on-screen audio presence indicator. Marshall’s RotoMenu™ feature allows fast, direct, and easy menu navigation. We can supply these from UK stock right now.”

These monitors are part of the respected Marshall Truck Edition (TE) range, and are designed to be extensively used in broadcast trucks and studio applications, for flyaways and for rental company stock. Because TE monitors deliver an attractive, uncluttered appearance they are also often chosen for mobile and video wall use as well as many other broadcast and post production applications.


Each screen offers a single HD-SDI input with active loop-through capability. Additional features include ultra-wide viewing angles, adjustment memory, multiple frame marker overlays, pixel-to-pixel mode, blue gun, and direct access for adjustment and selection functions. The units can also be used as standalone displays with HD-SDI loop-through.

Marshall TE and IMD Monitors are available from 6.5 "up to 26". The most popular is the dual 10"described above. The 24" displays are used for Main and Preview positions. The native HD resolution of 1920 x 1200 is available on the 17" monitor. The Quad series is also highly popular in that they can be used with both EVS and Avids in tape trucks. The layout can be traditional 4 way quad or one large screen and 3 smaller ones to suit the producer. The 6.5" screen is available as a triple monitor for the engineering area.


All of the monitors come with power supplies and rack mount kits with no hidden extras to purchase. The budget priced 20" model fits neatly a 19" rack. The monitors can be connected to a Network Control Box that enables control of each or all of the stack. In terms of resilience, the MTBF is very high and in the event of a failure, only one monitor fails-not the whole stack - this means full and flexible operation.

Marshall IMD monitors integrate easily with existing Tally systems and controllers, including Image Video, NVISION, TSL, and MEI (Marshall Electronics) protocols.

In the UK and Ireland, leading Outside Broadcast companies such as SIS Live, NEP Visions, Arena, CTV, Arqiva, Enfys and many others have all ordered and use Marshall Monitors along with leading rental companies such as Presteigne Charter and others.


Further V-R1042-IMD-3GTE specifications: 1024 x 768 RGB Dots (2.4 Million Pixels);  occupies only 4 Rack Units; 3G/HD/SD-SDI Inputs with loop through; Contrast Ratio rated at 700:1; RS-422/485 Connection with Loop-Through; 16.7 million colours; 5 Year (50,000 Hour) Backlight Life.

Cache Media, with 10 years experience of supplying video and audio monitoring solutions to high profile customers such as MTV and the BBC, supplies a variety of premium quality products including Marshall monitors, SD and HD servers and time delays from 360 Systems, HARDATA TV playout and production servers, Doremi Labs equipment including disk recorders and converters, and Brevity transcoding and delivery products.


Cache Media works closely with the manufacturers to ensure that good value for money products are developed for the European market. Customer support and aftercare is at the heart of the company philosophy. Cache Media is based in Newbury, UK with full test, support, warehousing and office facilities.

Marshall Electronics has, for almost 30 years, specialised in the development and manufacture of advanced technology products for the broadcast and professional AV sector. Based in El Segundo, California, they operate manufacturing facilities in the US, China, Japan, Korea and Russia, along with an R&D Centre in Portland, Oregon.
The Broadcast/Multimedia Division continues to sustain significant growth, and Marshall continues to gain recognition as the leading manufacturer of LCD rack mountable monitors worldwide.