Marshall Electronics at IBC 2013

Visit Marshall Electronics during IBC 2013 at booth 11.D20.

Marshall Electronics Introduces the 27" 2560x1440 Resolution 2K/4K Compatible Quad-Viewer Monitor, Keeps Broadcasters CALM and EBU Compliant with Latest Generation of Audio Monitors and the New Wireless Division Introduces Its First Products for Professional Broadcast and A/V Applications.

The QVW-2710 Quad-Viewer Monitor features an all-digital TFT-MegaPixel active matrix LCD system with 2560 x1440 (QHD) native resolution. Three different quad layouts are available and the side-by-side mode allows any two consecutive channels to be viewed on the screen at one time. In-Monitor Display allows on-screen text and tally indication, controlled locally or remotely via a variety of industry standard protocols.

The QVW-2710 is a cost-effective" all-in-one" solution for production, post production, broadcasters, and mobile units


“Generally, you need separate monitors to achieve the kind of image quality and the selection of features available in the QVW-2710, said Marshall Electronics Sales Manager Rob Foster. “The QVW-2710 is a cost-effective" all-in-one" solution for production, post production, broadcasters, and mobile units.”

The On Screen Display shows an embedded time code, embedded audio presence indicator and closed caption presence indicator for 608/708 captions. Stereo audio can be monitored for the selected SDI input through a front panel headphone jack. The rear panel Line out stereo jack user to process stereo audio for the selected SDI input. The QVW-2710 supports audio bars and markers. In addition, it has USB and Ethernet ports and an RS-422/485 port with pass-through.

Additional features include full calibration adjustment, aspect ratio settings, blue-only mode, and monochrome mode. Pixel-to-Pixel mode allows native display of any incoming image format. Users can set four function buttons to their desired settings for quick access and adjustment.


The AR-DM series notify controllers of non-compliant signals with emails and audio and video alarms.
Marshall Electronics introduces 16 Channel Digital Audio Monitors with 1RU or 2RU Mainframes equipped with features to help broadcasters comply with CALM and EBU regulations. The AR-DM21, AR-DM21-B, AR-DM22-B and AR-DM22-L provide timely visual, audio, and email notifications of noncompliant signals.

Each AR-DM audio monitor supports 16 audio channels with four slots available for interchangeable input / output modules


Beginning in December 2012, the CALM Act requires TV stations, cable and satellite TV operators in the U.S. to limit a commercial’s average volume to that of the accompanying program. Marshall’s audio monitors are designed to meet the rules outlined in the CALM Act with automatic logging of non-compliant signals plus three different automatic indicators. The audio monitors can be programmed to support EBU audio loudness standards.

The automatic indicators are designed to assist operators to quickly identify non-compliant signals in a real world working environment. Visual alarms, tone alarms and auto-email notification support operations even when operators and engineers are focused on something else. “Auto-email allows remote engineering management to receive immediate notification whenever and wherever they are located,” explained Director of Strategic Planning Russ Walker. “These CALM features are designed with operations in mind to allow for efficient work flow in a control room environment.“


Each AR-DM audio monitor supports 16 audio channels with four slots available for interchangeable input / output modules. These units also provides pristine audio quality and unrivaled flexibility with 100% digital processing, Class D (digital) amplification, selectable stereo down-mix modes, Dolby® Digital / Dolby® E decoding capability (with optional ARDM-D552 module), a headphone jack with Level control, and an RS-485 port for on-site firmware upgrades.

The AR-DM21 is a 16 Channel Digital Audio Monitor with 1RU Mainframe. The AR-DM21-B has the addition of tri-color LED bar graphs.

The AR-DM22-B is a 16 Channel Digital Audio Monitor with 2RU Frame and Tri-Color VU/PPM 20-Segment LED Bar Graphs. The AR-DM22-L offers Dual High-Resolution LCD displays capable of displaying meters, metadata, and channel status.

Designed for ultra-near field audio monitoring in space-critical environments, the Marshall AR-DM audio monitors are ideal for TV facilities, studios, post production, VTR bays, mobile production vehicles, satellite links, and wherever multichannel audio monitoring is required.


Marshall’s first wireless products include wireless camera-top monitors and a belt pack audio system.
Marshall Electronics' new Wireless HDMI transmitter/receiver system brings together its industry-leading audio with its new cutting-edge video technology for remote DSLR monitoring and audio-visual solutions. The system’s range of 300ft. improves the limited HDMI cable distance up to 10 times. The 300ft range does not require a direct line of sight.

V-LCD70MDW wireless monitor


The Wireless Monitor System is available with the V-LCD70MDW 7” camera-top field monitor or V-LCD90MDW 9” camera-top field monitor. With each monitor, the user has the choice of two wireless receiver battery mounting plates: the V-ABR when using Anton-Bauer batteries or the V-VMR when using the IDX style V-Mount batteries.

A third receiver option is the VWHR, a standalone receiver that can be used with any monitor and a WHDI transmitter.

The monitors work with two available transmitters. The V-WHT-A stick transmitter plugs directly into the camera and draws power from the camera’s HDMI port. The V-MHT-B belt pack transmitter can use a variety of small DSLR or camcorder batteries.

In addition to wireless monitors, Marshall has released the FR-500WK Wireless Professional Portable Audio System under the MXL brand. It is a belt pack system consisting of a compact, battery-operated transmitter and a receiver with a unique built-in speaker for extra versatility. The receiver is mountable directly onto a DSLR camera.


Marshall Electronics Inc. is a privately owned American company with four distinct operating units: Professional Audio, Cable/Connector, Optical Systems, and Broadcast/Multimedia Division. Marshall specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of high tech electronic products used in a wide range of professional applications. The Broadcast Division of Marshall Electronics supplies high quality LCD monitors, IP security cameras and servers, distribution, and conversion solutions for broadcasters around the world.