Mark Whitman Appointed L-S-B Director of Sales, US and Head of New USA Office

Mark Whitman, L-S-B Director of Sales, US

L-S-B has launched a new office in the United States of America: L-S-B USA. Appointed Director of Sales and head of the subsidiary is Mark Whitman. The office commenced operations November 1st, 2013. The formation of a dedicated US entity stresses L-S-B’s long term commitment and focus to the US market and its customers.

L-S-B continues to take major steps in increasing its market presence across the world. The German based manufacturer opens a new office in the USA which will take care of all sales and distribution in the US broadcast market. Mark Whitman is appointed head of the office and Director of Sales, US beginning his work immediately.

Working previously for many years with companies such as Grass Valley and Ross Video, Whitman has vast experience and deep knowledge of the US market coupled with an acute understanding of the operational and technical workflows of the live production environment. This combination makes him the ideal choice to lead L-S-B’s long term investment in a dedicated US organisation.


Mark Whitman comments: “I am very pleased to be joining L-S-B USA as Director of Sales. With the broadcast industry's growing interest in centralized control solutions, L-S-B has proven to be a global leader with their VSM product. I couldn't be more excited about leading the effort in the US".

Jamie Dunn, LSB International Director of Sales emphasizes that the newly established L-S-B USA and the appointment of Mark Whitman “is our first step in formalising L-S-B’s growing commitment to the US market. Mark’s strong mix of technical and commercial expertise is perfect to spearhead our USA operation and to leverage the growing interest in our unique VSM product.”


You can reach L-S-B USA via the following contact data:
PO Box 133
Lanesboro, MA. 01237
Mark Whitman
Director of Sales, US
Cell: +1 413 770 1576