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Make the Switch to IP with LiveXpert in the NewTek NDI Zone @NAB 2016

Make the Switch to IP with LiveXpert in the NewTek NDI Zone @NAB 2016

LiveXpert, solutions for live and sports video productions, will be showcased in the NewTek NDI Zone of the StudioXperience @NAB 2016, stand SL2425.

3D Storm, official master distributor of NewTek and LiveXpert products, announced in February the adoption of NewTek’s open Network Device Interface (NDI™) for LiveXpert solutions, solutions for live and sports video productions. With NDI enabled, LiveXpert solutions will be recognizable as a source by other NDI-enabled devices and systems connected to a standard Ethernet local area network, exponentially increasing the number of video sources available for live production.
Making it to the StudioXperience one more time, LiveXpert solutions will be showcased as a member of the ecosystem of partner solutions already in the world of NDI.

Solutions for Arenas, stadiums and sporting events

DELTA-stat IP, the complete turnkey solution, manufactured by DELTACAST, to manage sports graphics display, gets in the game with a brand new interface dedicated to Baseball games.
In the top ten of the most popular sports, baseball addresses 500 million of fans worldwide. Easy to use, DELTA-stat IP provides amazing capabilities to generate and display graphics such as pre-game animations and presentations, clocks, animated scores, statistics management, actions, referee decisions…
Already supporting NewTek AirSendTM protocol, connecting to TriCaster and 3Play with an Ethernet cable, without using video inputs, DELTA-stat IP now supports NewTek NDI protocol. The implementation of NewTek NDI protocol makes DELTA-stat IP compatible and recognizable with any NDI-enabled system and device, over the network.

LiveCG Football 2.0, the new version of the software application dedicated to football scoring, timing, statistics, graphics management, features groundbreaking enhancements. Further to the extended support of NewTek TriCasterTM and 3PlayTM, LiveCG Football 2.0 supports NewTek NDI protocol to connect to multiple NDI devices at the same time with only one license, also supporting SDI cards and computer graphic output, this new version features an enhanced GUI and preview window, an extended players and teams database, a remote LiveCG Football license connected to the main license, and a connection with OPTA services.


Graphics Solutions

LiveCG Broadcast is a stand-alone 1RU device giving the ability to display all graphics needed for a high-end professional television production, including fixed and animated titles and logos, crawled or rolled tickers, clocks, countdown, dynamic datas and bitmap sequences.
Adopting a new standard in video production, LiveCG Broadcast now supports NewTek NDI protocol, to work in a complete IP environment.
In addition to receiving posts and messages from various social palatforms, such as Facebook®, Twitter®, Flickr®, or WhatsApp®, the Social Hub software module of LiveCG Broadcast also supports pictures from Instagram®, videos from Facebook, SMS and emails. Social Hub also connects with OpenWeatherMap® to effortlessly include weather forecast into a live production.
The system is available in SDI to be flawlessly integrated in all production workflow. In addition to all the features in LiveCG Broadcast including TriCaster Network input support, LiveCG Broadcast SDI offers fill and Key out connectors and the Social Hub option that comes as standard. It is compatible with all video switchers.

Automation Solutions

LiveMedia Server, a multichannel and multiformat player and recorder, supports the largest range of audio and video codec on the market, in standard and high definition. LiveMedia Server integrates control over any video mixer and supports NewTek IP protocol to connect with any TriCaster model, or any NDI-enabled device over the network.
LiveMedia Server now features a new LiveTrim tool able to edit clips, create playlists, add title and animated logos, in real time and while live.


LiveMixer is an exclusive add-on for TriCaster giving the ability to connect a Berhinger BCF2000 or a Yamaha 01V96i to any TriCaster HD model, in order to remotely control the audio mixer functions of the TriCaster.
LiveMixer Remote version gives the ability to deport TriCaster audio Mixer Graphic Interface on a dedicated workstation. LiveMixer Remote now supports NewTek TriCaster Mini and TriCaster Advanced Edition.
The Exclusive DB Switch function gives the ability to automate multi-camera productions by triggering actions on the TriCaster based on audio levels and rules.

LiveTally Air is the simplest solution you could imagine for fitting Tally lights to your cameras. The wireless receivers are automatically detected by the transmitter connected to the video mixer.
The new version of LiveTally Air supports up to 16 receivers, connects over a distance up to 2km, and supports Preview Tally on any NewTek TriCaster, including TriCaster Mini.
NDI is a royalty free software developer kit (SDK), developed by NewTek, for anyone who wants to enable IP workflows in their production.