MADI or "Multichannel Audio Digital Interface"...

... is a language currently spoken by a great many digital mixing console and recording systems.

It allows up to 64 audio channels to be transmitted simultaneously together with a sync signal via a single coax wire. Digital mixing console systems mostly require 2 coaxial connections between stagerack and console.

The high-quality coax multicore and coax hybrid lines from SOMMER CABLE allow this – and much more – in only one cable with a very compact and flexible construction.

• The SOMMER CABLE TRANSIT HD is a highly flexible multicoax cable with a fully digital capable construction. It is available with 2 to 8 wires, with a PVC or FRNC jacket.

• The SOMMER CABLE TRANSIT MC223, MC3230/3231 and MC5230 cable types combine several coaxial with digital capable NF lines, in some cases even CAT.6 network lines plus mains supply in one cable.

• The SOMMER CABLE TRANSIT KOMBI MC4400, MC5200 and MC5400 cable types combine several coaxial with digital capable NF lines. They have been specially developed and optimised for use in MADI systems. For the rough use on the road the MC4400 was fitted with an ultrarobust PUR jacket.


Due to the high-quality internal construction of the coax wires in all cable versions which has been finetuned to HF applications, MADI transmissions are easily possible with cable runs of up to 120 m. The TRANSIT MC3230/MC3231 models allow even much longer distances.

The fully wired plug & play systems from SOMMER CABLE are all based on the above described lines. These are combined with high-grade connectors (on request with multipin systems as well), cable drums and terminal panels. Thus any desired cabling solutions can be realised, e.g. connection solutions for recording mobiles or audio control rooms. In the V5 main catalogue different sample configurations are shown; custom-made developments are also possible, of course.