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LYNX Technik to Debut yellobrik Modular Interfaces at IBC 2011

LYNX Technik yellobrik ODT 1540 - Serial / GPI Fiber Transceiver - 40 Km  

LYNX Technik AG, provider of modular interfaces is expanding its yellobrik series with the launch of Serial / GPI Fiber Transceivers at IBC 2011 stand 8.E24. Two models are available; ODT 1510 (up to 10 Km) and ODT 1540 (up to 40 Km).

These multi-functional modules allow both serial data communications and GPI I/O to be extended over the same fiber link. They enable broadcast and production facilities to migrate a variety of signal types onto fiber utilizing a single set of modules. Place a module locally and another one remotely for a transceiver solution that transmits and extends RS232, RS422, and RS485 data signals plus two general purpose interface I/O over fiber.

The yellobrik transceivers support mixing and matching of serial port connectivity; simply set the integrated dip switch on the local and remote modules to your specified incoming and outgoing serial requirements (RS232 or RS422/485).


The ODT 1510 yellobrik extends data transmission up to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), and the ODT 1540 supports transmission distances up to 40 kilometers (24.8 miles). The ODT 1540 model is also CWDM compatible with 18 wavelengths selections for multiplexed fiber installations.

These modules offer significant space and cost savings, provide maximum quality and reliability and help simplify fiber requirements. As with all yellobriks, these modules are plug-and-play, require no software to operate and all instructions and are printed directly on the module.

The yellobrik Serial / GPI Fiber Transceivers will be on display at IBC 2011 stand 8.E24.


yellobrik 3G Audio Embedders / De-Embedders

An8-channel 3G/HD/SD audio embedder/de-embedder (model: PDM 1284 B/D) isavailable in two versions; one for AES balanced audio and second version forAES unbalanced audio.

The PDM1284B - AES audio embedder / de-embedder for unbalanced audio ismulti-functional in that it functions either as a four channel AES embedder orde-embedder, or as a two channel AES embedder and de-embedder. Additionalchannels of audio can be embedded and de-embedded by cascading modulestogether.

The PDM1284D - AES audio embedder / de-embedder for balanced audio providessimultaneous embedding and de-embedding for four AES inputs / outputs. Both the PDM 1284B and PDM 1284D automatically detect the audio format anddeactivate thesample rate converters to preserve encoded bit streams such as DolbyE.

Also newat IBC is the PDM 1382 - analog audio embedder/de-embedder. This unitselectively de-embeds four channels within any audio group of an SDI video signal,to any of the analog outputs. It can also simultaneously embed up to fourchannels of analog audio replacing the previously de-embedded audio and / oradd audio into the SDI output. Additional channels of audio can beembedded and de-embedded by cascading modules together.


These yellobriks have an optional fiber I/O feature, which adds fiber transceiverfunctionality for embedding and de-embedding directly from a fiber path.

These three new yellobrik's include a selectable "auto black" mode that uses a black video frame if no SDI input is present.  This means that the module embeds audio even when no video source is available.As with all yellobriks, users control these modules via the front panel rotary switches and indicators. There is also LED indication for SDI input status and audio group presence.

The new yellobrik embedders/de-embedders will be on display at IBC 2011 stand 8.E24