Lynx Technik at BVE2015

LYNX Technik will demonstrate its products at stand A02

At BVE2015 LYNX Technik AG, provider of modular interfaces and signal processing solutions will demonstrate CustomControl for its APPolo Control System to the UK market, will launch its yellobrik 4K Transmission Set, will showcase its new Testor™ | lite 3G and will announce the launch of its new DolbyE to Dolby Digital / Dolby Digital Plus Transcoder with integrated SDI frame synchronizer .


LYNX Technik Demonstrates Way to Create Custom Control Interfaces for Series 5000 Signal Processing

CustomControl is a new control feature that incorporates an easy to use editor for creating and building customized virtual software control interfaces for enhanced levels of operational efficiency and sophistication for the Series 5000 modules / systems.

The CustomControl editor integrates easy drag-and-drop controls for creating a custom user interface or template(s) for control panels in the APPolo Control System for Series 5000 modules / systems. Each drag-and-drop element (buttons, sliders, drop-down menus, check-boxes and so much more) can be assigned to different control parameters in the system, making the control interface entirely customizable. Each customized control interface is stored on the LYNX plug-in server and can be individually assigned to one or more users in the system. 

A user can log on to the server using the APPolo Control GUI software to access and use the custom control interfaces assigned to him/her.


Turn your iPad into a CustomControl Tool
LYNX Technik is turning an iPad into a Control Interface for its CustomControl tool with an app for the iOS mobile operating system. With their iPad, APPolo users will be able to download the CustomControl application "APPolo Design" from the Apple App Store, log-in to CustomControl, and start controlling their Series 5000 modules via a customized control interface associated with their user account. This enhanced access lets users have an additional and powerful layer of control to their Series 5000 installation.

CustomControl provides:
- a virtual and user-friendly control panel editing tool
- flexibility to design custom user-interfaces
- the ability for a defined user to use custom control panels with the APPolo Control GUI
- CustomControl App for iPad / iOS mobile devices to view and use custom control interfaces


LYNX Technik Showcases 4K Fiber Transmission Set

The yellobrik 4K transmission set (model: OTR 1441) consists of a fiber transmitter, fiber receiver, and two power supplies (models: OTX / ORX 1441). The kit supports the transport of 4 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals over a single fiber link. With this 4K solution, uncompressed 12G is a reality.

This solution supports uncompressed 4K video at full 3840x2160 and 4096x2160 50/59.94/60 Hz with zero delay, but is ideal for the transmission of multiple uncompressed SDI streams over long distances up to 20 kilometers (12 miles).

These modules also transparently transport audio and metadata information embedded in the SDI signal. 

The units are housed in the traditional rugged yellobrik casing, featuring all instructions neatly printed on the outside of each module for ease of use and functionality. For larger system installations, the 4K transmitter and receiver set can be mounted in the yellobrik RFR 1018 rack frame.


LYNX Technik Launches Testor™ |lite 3G, Hand-Held Test Signal Generator to UK Market

Designed to address the demands of testing multi-format digital infrastructures, the new Testor | lite 3G is offered at a remarkable low cost and is packed with a multitude of useful features, making it an ideal accompaniment for a field engineer's portable tool-kit. This mobile tool is an ideal trouble-shooting device for technicians and engineers working in the field, studio applications, post-production, as well as a variety of other video source and cable testing.

This versatile testing tool supports SD/HD/3G 4:2:2 and dual-link video formats and generates two simultaneous outputs, as well as one sync output. In addition, Testor | lite 3G generates a 3D test pattern either as two separate signal outputs (left eye, right eye) or one 3G-SDI 1080P dual-stream signal (Level B). The user can select from pre-defined static or dynamic moving patterns for each of the SDI outputs. Also available is a dynamic EBU Digital AV sync test pattern that has been designed to address a number of test and alignment requirements for audio and video signals in a modern multi-format digital environment.


The Testor | lite 3G also addresses audio verification applications and includes an integrated eight channel audio generator with adjustable gain and frequency, which is embedded into the SDI video. 

Each test pattern output can be configured via the color touch-screen to support various overlays including:
- User-defined text up to 16 characters for both horizontal scrolling and static options.
- Safe area markers supporting SMPTE safe action (90/90) or safe title (80/80) markers.
- Circle overlays in either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios.

Testor | lite 3G is a rugged and easy to operate and carry unit with a 4-hour battery life as well as an optional handy carrying case with belt attachment. The USB connection allows computer downloads for software / firmware upgrades, powers the device, and charges the rechargeable battery. Designed and manufactured in Germany. 

Testor | lite 3G compliments the original Testor which was introduced in 2006 and has become a widely adopted industry standard tool with thousands currently in service worldwide.


LYNX Technik Launches DolbyE to DolbyD Transcoder

The PDA 5280 multi-format (3G/HD/SD-SDI) transcoder module is part of the Series 5000 card and rack-based series and offers great signal processing versatility and comprehensive transcoding choices. The unit automatically detects the input signal and switches its operation to the appropriate format. 

This module transcodes a DolbyE audio stream, or encodes a 2.0 PCM audio stream into a Dolby Digital or Digital Plus stream. This stream can then simultaneously be routed to any of the audio outputs, whether embedded or external. It offers 32-channel audio processing with adjustable gain, phase, invert, sum and mute features. In addition, each channel offers audio overload and silence detection, as well as a test tone generator.


Eight independent AES audio ports can be configured individually as inputs or outputs. Already existing embedded audio can be de-embedded internally, processed and routed through an audio mono crossbar, in parallel to up to eight external audio inputs. 

The PDA 5280 Dolby Transcoder ensures superior sound quality for existing and next-generation broadcast services, and where high quality audio solutions are a requirement. LYNX Technik's sophisticated processing technology ensures that there are no pops or clicks present in the audio even when dropping or adding frames. The module also provides up to 62 frames of programmable output delay, adjustable in frames, lines and pixels.

The integrated frame synchronizer is a unique feature for the most demanding SDI environments, making this transcoder card a must have broadcast television solution for signal processing applications.

About LYNX Technik:
LYNX Technik AG is an industry leader and technology provider of modular interface solutions for broadcast and professional use. LYNX Technik AG is an independent privately owned company with its headquarters, research and manufacturing facilities based in Weiterstadt, Germany. Sales and Support is covered through secondary distribution channels managed from its headquarters in Germany, USA (California), and Asia (Singapore).