LiveXpert, Peripherals & Add-Ons for NewTek TriCaster @NAB 2014

LiveXpert, part of the NewTek Developers Network, showcase TriCaster peripherals and add-ons for outstanding live productions

3D Storm, distributor of NewTek products in EMEA and LiveXpert worldwide, showcases the full line of products of LiveXpert at NAB 2014 for the first time. LiveXpert is a complete range of solutions developed to complement and extend NewTek TriCaster and 3Play production workflow. LiveXpert gives producers the ability to produce high quality content by putting in their hands advanced solutions to manage a large scope of information, essential to live productions.

"NewTek TriCaster Pro Line sports amazing features to give producers more real-time capabilities ", says Franck Lafage, director of 3D Storm, "LiveXpert solutions answer TriCaster users expectations to ease TriCaster workflow and have a full control over all the functions of the system, without increasing staff and costs. LiveXpert allows producers to produce more content, speed up production time while increasing their revenues. NewTek TriCaster is the must-have in any production workflow; LiveXpert is the must-have in any TriCaster workflow."

LiveXpert advanced peripherals and add-ons for NewTek TriCaster can be used as remote applications, or as independent products, operated from a computer connected to the TriCaster via iVGA. Having dedicated workstations gives production operators more space to breath, and enhances TriCaster performances.


LiveMixer is a versatile application that provides a complete remote control over the audio mixer of all TriCaster HD models. LiveMixer deports and displays the audio mixer interface of the TriCaster on an external computer, connected to the TriCaster through the local network. LiveMixer can also be associated to a physical audio control panel such as the Berhinger BCF2000 or the Yamaha 01V96i.

LiveCG Football, the most accomplished software graphic solution to cover football games in stadiums and for television broadcast. With integrated and customizable database, clocks and timers, stills and animated graphics, tickers, LiveCG Football is an advanced application for scoring, titling, graphics, statistics…management during football live productions. LiveCG Football runs on a separate computer connected on the network input of the TriCaster, through iVGA.


LiveCG Broadcast is an innovative solution, a stand-alone 1RU device, that gives the ability to send all the graphics needed in a high professional television production, such as fixed and animated titles and logos, crawled or rolled tickers, clocks, countdown, backgrounds and bitmap sequences, directly to TriCaster through iVGA channels. Full animated graphics with transparency are delivered in real-time to a single NET channel of TriCaster, without using the external video inputs. LiveCG Broadcast also provides an intuitive Social Hub to display content coming from various social platforms in the live production.

LiveXpert solutions answer today's producers' demands, and viewers' expectations for any live production, no matter the destination, television, second screens, internet or bug displays. LiveXpert solutions enhance live production workflow, speed up production time, reduce costs, and increase revenues opportunities with instant high quality media content to stay in the race in a highly competitive market.

See the LiveXpert Line @ NAB 2014, in the NewTek Zone of the NAB StudioXperience – Stand SU 621 E1!


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3D Storm, distributor of NewTek products in Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Turkey, Russia and Pakistan since 1999, and LiveXpert worldwide, is a leading player in the convergence of IT & the Broadcast industries.
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