LiveU @ NAB 2012

LiveU will exhibit at booth #SU9119

LiveU, the leader in portable HD video-over-cellular uplink solutions, will be presenting the latest enhancements to its premium, professional-grade LU60 solution for global broadcasters and its handheld, lightweight LU40i solution for online media.

LiveU will demonstrate its LU60 Professional-Grade Backpack:

·    Powerful multi-core, distributed processing technology for superior video quality and improved wireless bandwidth utilisation;
·    Range of innovative features and capabilities, including extra-strong resiliency for extreme conditions (crowded urban areas etc.) in conjunction with LiveU’s proven sub-second delay.

LiveU will demonstrate its LU40i Handheld Device:

·    LiveU will demonstrate its ground-breaking high-quality solution, weighing less than 1.5 pounds (700 grams), with SDI, analogue and HDMI outputs. With up to six network connections, the bonded LU40i offers 4G LTE/3G, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and LAN video transmission in a substantially smaller form factor.