LiveU Expands Product Portfolio

Unveils its LiveU Total™ platform, a unified management platform, supporting multiple workflows via a single server

LiveU, a leader in portable HD video-over-cellular solutions, has expanded its live video portfolio to offer customers a complete, end-to-end transmission solution, adding laptop and mobile apps to its flagship LU70 backpack and handheld LU40 uplink solutions.

At the same time, LiveU unveiled LiveU Total™, its unified management platform enabling control rooms to manage multiple video feeds from LiveU units operating in different locations. The LiveU Total platform seamlessly supports the full spectrum of LiveU’s product portfolio within a single ecosystem.Samuel Wasserman, LiveU’s CEO, said, “Our extended portfolio reflects the changing way live video is being acquired in the field. Customers now have an even wider range of options for their teams covering breaking news and events, at any time, using multiple devices to transmit video back to the studio. This can range from reporters and producers on news teams using their own smartphones and laptops to professional camera operators on location. All products are based on LiveU’s fourth generation high-quality and resilient bonded uplink technology.”

Wasserman continued, “Our aim is to enable our customers to deal with live content coming into the control room from different locations, via multiple devices, in the most professional and simple way.  Using LiveU’s Total platform for a smooth workflow configuration, operators can deliver a more dynamic live video experience to their TV and online viewers”.


The LU-Smart Mobile App Solution brings bonded transmission to mobile phones and tablets, increasing overall bandwidth by combining Wi-Fi and cellular networks to reach optimal video quality.  For example, operators can combine cellular and Wi-Fi to support connection to an external MiFi, enabling the bonding of two cellular connections in a single smartphone. In this way, users can bond the phones’ internal 4G with external 4G for a very fast uplink.

The LU-Lite Solution offers fast, reliable and high-quality cellular-bonded transmission via the laptop, using multiple modems. This solution serves a wide variety of applications and workflows in the field, including live transmission, editing, file transfer and store and forward as well as live interviews using the laptop webcam.


LiveU Introduces its Handheld LU40-S Device for Broadcasters
The latest version of LU40 product series includes LiveU’s powerful proprietary internal antenna, low latency, store and forward, file transfer capabilities and under one minute boot-up time

The LU40-S offers rich new features and capabilities for live newsgathering, including: low latency for interview-mode; local storage store and forward; file transfer (FTP); video and audio indicators; under one minute boot-up time; and the ability to control the unit from its touch screen, the server or from any web-enabled device.

LiveU’s proprietary internal antenna provides stronger connectivity. The antennas and modems support a large number of cellular and Wi-Fi frequencies including 4G LTE, ensuring enhanced signal performance with long-range reception and increased uplink capability.

The LU40-S, the latest addition to the LU40 product family, joins the LU40i which was launched at last year’s IBC2011.

Greg DeBrosse, Assistant News Director, ABC57, said, "We're using the LU40 every day as a live station. Our reporters take it out in the field and go live from it. For example, covering a recent march, one of them went live at the start at six and then moved to the end for seven. In the live truck world, that would have taken two trucks."


DeBrosse continued, "The best part for me is that my staff love it. Everyone wants to use it because of its simplicity. It's set to be the ultimate breaking news tool, especially in cities and other areas with strong cell coverage."

The LU40-S can also be connected to LiveU’s recently announced external antenna, to provide increased network reception for extreme scenarios, such as heavily crowded locations. With built-in support for the remote external antenna, the LU40-S handheld device can support up to 13 network connections.

Samuel Wasserman, LiveU’s CEO, said, “We’re continuing to drive technological innovation in the cellular transmission space and the handheld LU40-S device with our powerful antenna is an important milestone. Complementing our professional-grade LU70 backpack for mission-critical coverage, the LU40-S enables news teams to transmit live pictures first on the scene using a highly robust, portable and cost-effective uplink device. Thousands of LiveU units are being used every day to cover the world’s top news stories and events.”


Based on LiveU’s proven bonded uplink technology, the LU40 offers reliable HD live video transmission in a highly compact mobile device, weighing less than 700 grams (1.5 pounds). The device is small enough to clip on the camera operator’s belt or be mounted on the camera itself.

For online media, the LU40i version has been enhanced to support major CDNs (content delivery networks) and OVPs (online video platforms), creating an end-to-end live video solution.

Wasserman added, “Through our integration with CDN and OVP partners, we see huge potential for LU40i, extending our reach into the online media market

LiveU will be demonstrating its complete range of live video transmission solutions at IBC2012, Connected World, Stand No. 14.365 (Hall 14). The stand will be hosting a live studio, produced by The Next Web and powered by LiveU technology.