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Within five years more than 2.6 million pages were visited by the TV Live Production Community. Our content management system has analyzed the clicks on our more than 11 thousand news and case studies and on our 400+ OB Vans/Trucks and we are happy to present the Top 10 Stories and the Top 10 HD OBVans/Trucks before we dive into the year 2015.

In today’s age of media uncertainty, marked by sagging TV ratings and rapidly changing consumer viewing habits, one programming staple continues to draw in viewers in spades: live content. Regardless of whether it’s on a big screen in the living room, a laptop in a n office, or a mobile device on the road, spectators worldwide  have not lost their taste for live programming - be it sports, news, concerts, musicals, death-defying stunts, or any other form of appointment viewing.  Even when content is viewed live, the average viewer is likely multitasking on mobile devices enhancing the quality of the live content with additional information on the secondary screen - and this will continue in the years to come.

Live-Production Top 10 Stories + Top 10 OBVans - A business we all want to be in


Already in 1950 the promise of television was the same as it is today: What makes television unique is its ability to be live and to present an uncertain outcome — whether a game or a life-and-death situation or an unbelievable musical performance. Just because the delivery methods and the way we consume it are different, it’s still TV. It will continue to evolve, and it’s a business we all want to be in.

The Top 10 Stories

01 HD and Multi-Media Production: FIFA World Cup™ 2014

02 HD Production: FIFA World Cup™ 2010

03 “Utopia” Becomes a Reality with Sennheiser Wireless

04 Microphone Usage for Sports Broadcasting

05 Olympic Summer Sports 2012


06 Red Bull Air Race 2014

07 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil: The Champions - Germany & HBS

08 Robe Stampedes Summer with Mumford & Sons

09 Samsung Supported World Premiere in 4K

10 REVIEW: The Eurovision Song Contest 2012

The Top 10 OB Vans/Trucks

01 TopVision Ü5

02 Al Rayyan TV - FULL HD 12

03 France Televisions - Le Benjamin de Marseille

04 Mediapro OB 24

05 Digiturk OB1


06 Panorama 24 Camera HD OBVan 1



09 Lyon Video Unit 12 HD

10 Kyodo TV KR-advance + KR-meg