Live-Broadcasting for Everyone

miniCASTER® is a truly mobile hardware based H.264 live encoder

Everyday millions of events are happening on Planet Earth. In Sports, Business, Entertainment. The big shows are covered by major television studios, but the majority is not covered live yet. This will change.

miniCASTER@, a pocket sized mobile live encoder streams any camera signal in TV quality directly to the web and to millions of people. Any event is worth it to be covered. Weddings, the soccer game of the Junior’s 5th league in South Wales, the opening of a shop, etc. miniCASTER® compresses the audio video signal before contributing it to the internet via 3G cellular networks, a Wi-Fi hotspot, a landline or even a satellite terminal.

A powerful built-in battery enables production units to run the pocket sized encoder without being wired for up to one hour. Perfect for sports. miniCASTER® generates an H.264/mp4 RTP stream with up to 8 Mbit/s and 1080i/1080p max. resolution, which is called Full HD. This IP-based stream can be delivered by leading CDNs like Akamai, Limelight, Level (3), TV1.EU or platforms like, and soon Youtube.


Profiles and settings can easily be changed via remote management and also directly on the device. miniCASTER® is highly recommended for use with Wowza Media Server®, the unified any-screen delivery platform from Wowza Media Systems®.


In early October 2011 the first resellers from Germany, France and the USA signed contracts and are ready to start selling in their region. The first units were shipped to customers in Malaysia, Switzerland, Japan, Austria, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, Portugal and the USA.

Michael Westphal, CEO: “miniCASTER® is a fine piece of German Engineering and ready to change the landscape of the TV industry. I am very proud to announce that miniCASTER® will be represented by highly professional resellers in more than 10 countries within the next few weeks and in our online shop. I hope we’ll soon see 100.000 TV stations powered by miniCASTER.”

“We are very exited to see products that make it easier and more cost-effective for users to stream their content,” commented Alex Dobrushin, CMO, Wowza Media Systems. “miniCASTER® is exactly that. It is in the forefront of mobile encoders which are changing the way content is delivered from anywhere to any device.”


About miniCASTER
®miniCASTER® is a truly mobile hardware based H.264 live encoder that converts any camera or video source signal into an IP based livestream and delivers it via landline, WiFi, satellite or cellular networks to the leading Content Delivery Networks and video platforms. Through a built-in lithium battery it is possible to work stand-alone. miniCASTER® generates one HD and one SD Stream in parallel and is able to record on SD-Card in the device itself at the same time. The mobile live encoder in pocket size comes in two different versions and can be operated in real-time via a web-based remote management portal.