Litepanels® New LS Traveler LED Lighting Kits


Litepanels® announces new LS Series lighting kits, featuring the company’s new cost-effective lineup of LED lighting fixtures. The 1x1 panel fixtures that make up the kits provide soft, full spectrum illumination. Each kit comes with AC power supplies and light stands for each lighting fixture, as well as a rugged carrying case.

The LS Traveler Duo Kit™ provides a pair of daylight color balance 1’ by 1’ LED fixtures: one 1×1 LS Mono Flood (with a beam angle of 50°) and one 1×1 LS Mono Spot (beam angle 30°). Both fixtures feature Litepanels 100% to zero dimming, with no noticeable color shift, via an on-fixture knob. The LS Traveler Duo Kit is designed as an excellent starter lighting kit for news crews and professional videographers. Weighing only 25 lbs. (11.3kg), it is ready to light any location.

The LS Traveler Trio Kit™ is comprised of three daylight color balance 1’ by 1’ LED fixtures. Two of the fixtures are Litepanels’ 1×1 LS Mono Floods (with a beam angles of 50°) and one is a 1×1 LS Mono Spot (beam angle 30°). All three fixtures feature Litepanels 100% to zero dimming, with no noticeable color shift, via an on-fixture knob. The LS Traveler Trio Kit is developed for those camera crews or independent shooters looking for a high quality kit for three-point lighting, on-camera interviews or illumination of small locations. Weighing only 46.5 lbs. (21.1kg), this kit can travel within its wheeled case without being overweight or bulky, unlike many traditional lighting kits. Users can add Anton/Bauer or V-mount battery adapter plates to provide for cable-free lighting.


The third kit in the new collection is the Litepanels LS Traveler Trio Plus Kit™. It features with two 1×1 LS Mono Bi-Colors (50° beam angle and color agile between daylight and tungsten color balance), and one 1×1 LS Mono Flood (50° beam angle).

With the two variable color fixtures in this kit, shooters not only have the perfect solution for 3-point portrait lighting for interviews and standups, but also the ability to match the ambient color temperature when lighting up a room or filling in a shadowed face outdoors. The LS Traveler Trio Plus Kit, complete with tote and wheel case, weighs in at just 46.5 lbs. / 21.1kg.


Litepanels LS Kits offer the advantage of low power draw. The LS Traveler Duo fixtures draw a combined total of 80W, and the three fixtures in each of the Trio kits draw 120W combined. They can be powered off a standard 15A wall circuit with plenty of capacity to spare.

About Litepanels
Litepanels was founded in 2001 by 5 professional gaffers and engineers who saw the future and pioneered LED (light emitting diode) lighting for motion pictures, television and the audio-visual industry. Their Emmy® award-winning technology has now been used on thousands of productions worldwide and is trusted by the world’s leading broadcast organizations.

Backed by the Vitec Group’s legacy of 100+ years in the broadcast and production industry, Litepanels continues to expand its suite of flicker free, color accurate, fully-dimmable soft lights that talent and Lighting Directors admire. These environmentally friendly fixtures practically pay for themselves with power savings and long life, setting a new standard in professional lighting.  Along with other leading brands in the broadcast and professional videographer industry, Litepanels is part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company.