LGZ Broadcasting Tech Releases Unique USB Recorder


Todays fast-paced advances in computer hardware and software are revolutionizing broadcasting technologies. What was achieved via expensive and specific hardware can now be done by well programmed software on more common, thus cheaper hardware. LGZ are currently developing reliable, fast and user-friendly broadcasting instant replay machines based on the latest software and hardware advances in the field.

This new and unique device has been available in some European countries for a while n but is now available for everyone and will help many OB or Post Production companies digitalise and distribute their recorded data.

Quite simply, the LGZ USB Recorder can record live HD/SD-SDI with 2 audio channels to 8 USB sticks/hard-drives simultaneously in H264. This means that any program can be recorded directly to USB sticks making it very easy to, as soon as the program is over, hand out the USB sticks containing the recordings that can easily be played back on most smartTVs and any computer. This Plug and Play technology replaces the use of low-quality and time-consuming DVD recordings or expensive FTP servers.


·    Comes in a quiet and easily installed 19” 1U chassi
·    LCD interface with audio/video preview
·    Encodes to H.264 that can easily be played back
·    Records on 8 USB sticks or hard-drives simultaneously


Devices will be on show at IBC2013 for hands-on demonstrations. The latest software update also adds to all units the possibility to be remotely controlled by a web-interface making it even easier to integrate in an OB or flightcase environment.

About LGZ Broadcasting Tech
This young Swedish OEM company was established in 2011 and is already releasing its third product. It is focusing on developing professional and reliable products for the fast growing small and middle sized production companies. With resellers around Europe and a sizable customer list, it hopes to properly establish itself as a company that develops innovative and modern devices for an ever more demanding industry.