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Leading Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi has chosen DVS's VENICE and SpycerBox for its broadcast infrastructure expansion

On air in Japan: DVS’s multi-channel video server VENICE

When TV Asahi decided to replace their current production to playout workflow, they put it into practice by implementing a combined solution from DVS and IMAGICA DIGIX. Thanks to an active exchange of ideas, the involved parties settled for a tailor-made VENICE feature set that fulfills the requirements of a sophisticated and streamlined broadcast workflow.

Four VENICE video servers, two SpycerBoxes and IMAGICA DIGIX's custom-designed software provide the Japanese broadcaster with an ultra-reliable ingest and playout solution, flexible storage and a massive increase in the number of supported broadcast formats. The new equipment facilitates TV Asahi’s material preparation and sharing, its collaboration with VTRs and linear editing systems, and enables playout for on-air graphics.

VENICE allows for native real-time capture and playout of various broadcast formats like Panasonic DVCPRO® and AVC-Intra, Avid DNxHD® and Sony XDCAM®. DVS's multi-channel video server also supports single image sequences like TIFF and DPX, facilitating a seamless integration between TV Asahi’s production and distribution environment. VENICE's playlist functionality handles a multitude of compressed and uncompressed formats – without any format conversion or rendering. Thanks to its playlist and excellent VDCP support, VENICE can be integrated in automated environments via third party systems for highly reliable broadcast solutions.

Especially TV Asahi's graphic design departments benefit from VENICE: The video server's sophisticated clip management and direct support of general file formats is a true time saver. TV Asahi makes full use of all four VENICEs by ingesting HD streams at the same time. This accelerates their daily work processes and drastically shortens the production time, confirm Mr. Masaaki Watanabe and Mr. Norikazu Doi, Sports and News Graphics Designers at TV Asahi, respectively. VENICE is at the heart of TV Asahi's workflow with highlights such as real-time ingest and playout, its extensive playlist support and intuitive GUI as well as its collaboration with SpycerBox.


DVS's SpycerBox functions as the central storage for production at TV Asahi and provides an additional 48 terabytes of capacity. Configured as a SAN solution and equipped with RAID-5 protection, SpycerBox significantly increases the performance of file-based broadcast workflows. Content from TV Asahi's editing systems is directly stored on SpycerBox that feeds DVS's video server VENICE for instant playout. SpycerBox's multiple interface options enable a seamless integration into any environment.

Tokyo-based IMAGICA DIGIX developed an automation software that adapts the DVS SpycerBox and VENICE platforms to TV Asahi's workflow needs. The tailor-made solution extends the VDCP protocol to achieve frame-accurate synchronization and automates the complete workflow at TV Asahi.

Mr. Toshiharu Sakata, Art Center Manager at TV Asahi: "The integrated solution provided by DVS and IMAGICA DIGIX is an ideal choice for our workflow needs. VENICE has already done an outstanding job during TV Asahi's coverage of the latest election of the National Diet of Japan. We very much appreciate DVS's and IMAGICA DIGIX's effort to deliver the most satisfactory solution."

Mrs. Haruka Miyagawa, Application Engineer at IMAGICA DIGIX: "TV Asahi pursued uncompromising reliability, accuracy, and efficiency for their system replacement. IMAGICA DIGIX's team up with DVS allowed us to achieve the most efficient integration including the development of the customized software. We are truly honored to work with TV Asahi and to continue our support for their system operation, expansion and improvements."

Mr. Henner Steinwede, Product Manager at DVS: "We are very happy to work with IMAGICA DIGIX and TV Asahi on this project and we feel privileged to equip one of the most important Asian broadcasters with our technology."


About TV Asahi

TV Asahi is a major broadcaster with 23 local affiliates that extend coverage across the entire Japanese archipelago. Its global network of 10 bureaus abroad ensures speedy newsgathering from all over the world. TV Asahi pioneered in the application of satellite technology in broadcasting in Japan, and they continue to take up new challenges that will keep them at the frontier of broadcasting.

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