Leader to Demonstrate the Latest Advances in Signal Monitoring

Leader Instruments LV5490 SD to 4K multi-standard waveform monitor

Leader Instruments heads to Hollywood later this month where it will be displaying the latest advances in signal monitoring and file analysis to digital cinematographers, broadcasters and post-production companies.

"Test and measurement technology is developing rapidly to support latest-generation ultra-high-definition production equipment and file-based content management," comments Leader Instruments Corporation President George Gonos. "Highlight of our exhibit will be the new Leader LV5490 waveform monitor which provides all the facilities needed for high-precision video measurement, from standard definition right up to 4K. We will also be demonstrating our new S-LOG2 option which gives digital cinematographers the ability to make the fullest use of latest-generation cameras with extended chroma gamut and 16-bit linear dynamic range. The S-LOG2 option provides practical, intuitive and highly accurate reference tools which take the stress out of live production."

Leader's LV5490 4K waveform monitor supports the full range of standard video production and transmission formats from 525 and 625 to 3840 x 2160 and 4096 x 2160. It is equipped with four 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI input channels plus a high-quality wide-viewing-angle 1920 x 1080 9 inch flat-panel display which allows accurate matching of studio and outside-broadcast cameras. Optional digital audio monitoring and analysis tools include 4 x 4 channels of SDI audio de-embedding, lissajous display, surround-sound display and volumetric display. Up to 16 channels of de-embedded SDI audio can be output as discrete AES3 feeds.


The LV5490 also doubles as a picture monitor for production crews working on location. A valuable feature for production is the unit's ability to monitor focus across user-selectable areas of a video source. Each of the four inputs includes Leader's unique cable length measurement capability. 3G-SDI dual link and quad link are both supported.

The Leader exhibit will include the latest VidChecker and VidFixer Windows-compatible media file analysers. These provide alternatives to real-time visual inspection during content ingest, media archiving, studio to studio distribution and broadcast playout. They protect against human error, content discontinuity or data deterioration throughout the broadcast workflow.  VidChecker and VidFixer both perform a thorough inspection of the file-based media, checking extensively the file, video, and audio parameters, as well as the characteristics and quality of the video and audio. They can then automatically correct various errors in the video and audio. Both products can be operated locally or via a web browser.


Leader will demonstrate the Eyeheight Legal-6 multi-rate video and audio legalizer. A full-featured system, this instrument accepts SD/HD SDI sources (3G is an option), legalizes video and audio levels (KARMAudio Loudness option) and outputs a corrected SDI signal for use in downstream processes. The Legal-6 supports RGB, composite (PAL, NTSC 7.5IRE setup and NTSC 0 setup), simultaneous composite + RGB and YCbCr SDI gamut correction. The instrument maintains a timed record of every non-compliant video or audio event requiring correction in the course of a 24-hour transmission schedule. This enables broadcasters to archive a record of as-run conformance data.

Also on display will be the Phabrix Rx2000 modular dual-screen test and measurement system. This is a rack-mountable test generator and analyzer employing the same easy-to-use graphic control interface as the Phabrix Sx range of portable test instruments. The Rx2000 is 2 rack units high and occupies just six inches from front to back. It can be tilted upwards or downwards within the rack bay, providing optimal viewing angles at various eye levels. The Rx2000 also provides monitoring via a 1920 x 1080 HDMI or HD-SDI output, allowing the user to create a multi-viewer display of scalable instruments (such as waveform, vector, picture, audio, loudness, eye pattern) which can be displayed on HDMI monitors or routed through broadcast infrastructures via SDI.

Leader will be represented in booth 210 at SMPTE 2013 by Pete Anderson (Director of Western USA Sales) and Christian Young (Product Marketing Manager).