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Lawo to Show Seamless Baseband-to-IP Migration for Video and Audio at NABShow2015


At this year's NAB show on stand C2218 (Central Hall) in Las Vegas, Lawo will showcase its innovations in audio, video and networking infrastructures, including products natively equipped with SMPTE 2022 and RAVENNA / AES67 technology. In a showcase Lawo will demonstrate how to create hybrid baseband/IP infrastructures. In addition, Lawo will present the mc² series broadcast and production mixing consoles including the new mc256 HD, and its range of radio/on-air solutions as well as the V__line and A__line video and audio processing and routing devices.

AUDIO by Lawo

Lawo mc²56 High Density
Lawo introduces a newly designed high-density version of its successful mc²56 audio mixing console at this year’s NAB. The mc²56 HD provides twice the number of faders on the same footprint, making the desk a unique choice in its class for trucks or studios where space is limited. Context-sensitive pop-up windows and intuitive touch-screen operation provide maximum ease-of-use, and the dual-fader layout in combination with Lawo’s multi-row metering offers maximum support for the engineer. For seamless integration with production environments the desk natively supports various control protocols, now also including RAP (Ross Audio Protocol) allowing the desk to be managed from Ross video production switchers. The mc256 HD is natively equipped with RAVENNA/AES67 technology and comes with the full Lawo broadcast production package including Audio-follow-Video, Automix, Up- and Downmix and Loudness Metering.

Lawo mc²36
Lawo is also showcasing the mc²36, its RAVENNA-based all-in-one mixing desk. The comprehensive feature set covers broadcast, theater, house of worship, live and install applications. Along with uncompromised sound quality and Lawo-grade mic preamps, it offers unprecedented value for money. A powerful DSP micro-core with internal 512x512 port audio matrix and integrated I/O make it ideally suited for mobile applications, and since it is natively equipped with RAVENNA/AES67 technology, the mc²36 integrates seamlessly into IP infrastructures.


Lawo mc² Compact I/O
Lawo’s new mc² Compact I/O is a cost-efficient and compact stage-box solution that expands the connectivity of the mc² console family. Connected via CAT5 or fiber (optional), the ruggedized 5RU stagebox provides 32 Lawo-grade Mic/Line inputs, 32 Line outputs, 8 digital AES3 inputs, 8 digital AES3 outputs, 8 GPIO, 3 RAVENNA ports and a MADI (SFP) port.

VIDEO by Lawo

Lawo V__link4 – smart IP video transport and routing
The V__link4 is a feature-packed professional broadcast tool for signal contribution, distribution and remote production via qualified LAN and WAN structures. V__link4 offers Video-over-IP coding, signal processing and a video/audio delay measuring system – all in a compact 1RU frame. This allows for optimizing rack space with tremendous power and flexibility that saves setup time and reduces production costs. V__link4 provides four SDI inputs and outputs, four 1GbE ports and redundant 10GbE ports plus an internal switching fabric. Features include full support for SMPTE-2022 and RAVENNA/AES67 for VoIP and AoIP applications including streaming of raw uncompressed 3G/HD/SD-SDI. In addition, a range of optional codecs can be used in parallel to create and receive JPEG2000, DIRACpro, Motion J-PEG and H.264 streams.


Lawo V__pro8 – ultra-compact video processing
The V_pro8 has quickly become a standard in fly packs for remotes and live production applications.  This compact, fully digital 8-channel video processor provides all the glue features required within the workflow of broadcast production, including an intuitive browser-based GUI and extensive audio handling capabilities for de-embedding, delay, level adjust, channel mapping, down-mix and re-embedding for SDI and MADI audio streams.  Optional capabilities include quad-split monitoring, RGB and YUV color correction, AV sync measurement and format conversion.

RADIO by Lawo

Lawo Introduces “Integrated Visual Radio”
Lawo will debut an integrated solution for Visual Radio, creating video and audio web streams in parallel to normal radio play out. The system, comprised of Lawo’s video & radio/on-air components, allows easy integration of cameras and video clip servers into the radio production workflow. The intuitive touch-screen operation via Lawo’s VisTool visualization software in combination with customizable routines allows visual radio-shows to be realized without any operator intervention. Studio participants simply speak into the microphones and the video follows. The participants can monitor their appearance during the broadcast as the camera signals and the final video mix can be displayed on monitors around the studio. In addition to visual radio, the same concept can be used to provide fully automated audio and video coverage of sporting events, parliamentary meetings, and surveillance applications. Lawo’s Visual Radio solution includes Video-over-IP coding engines for several standards including H.264 and MJPEG.


Lawo shows seamless migration path to IP
Easing the transition from baseband to IP, Lawo’s unique hybrid approach combines RAVENNA/AES67 IP technology with traditional MADI, AES3 and ATM connectivity, allowing radio and TV broadcast stations to transition smoothly from a baseband world to IP at their own pace. At NAB, Lawo will introduce multiple new RAVENNA/AES67 options for its audio mixer and router product lines. A new 64-channel hybrid MADI/IP extension card for sapphire and crystal radio desks and for Nova17 compact audio routers allow high-density audio connectivity over IP and MADI., The card connects existing system components via MADI with the capability to change over to operation via RAVENNA/AES67. Lawo also introduces a new master card for DALLIS modular I/O systems with combined MADI/RAVENNA interfacing to perfectly connect to both worlds. In combination with Lawo’s Nova73 audio routers, which are designed for hybrid MADI/IP installations, this results in a future-proof system with an inherent path for migration to IP. In addition to hardware-based interfacing, Lawo’s JADE software can turn ordinary PCs or servers into powerful RAVENNA/AES67 compatible broadcast tools. The JADE software framework allows seamless integration of playout systems, software codec servers, loggers and VoIP systems and other software-based audio products.

Lawo AG
Lawo designs and manufactures pioneering video, audio and networking infrastructure solutions for TV and radio broadcast production, post-production, live performance and theatrical applications. Products include digital audio mixing consoles, routers, video processing tools as well as IP-based video and audio transport solutions, all developed and manufactured according to highest quality standards at the company’s headquarters in the Rhine valley town of Rastatt, Germany.