Latest Version of Gallium on Show at BVE 2013


Pixel Power provides innovative graphics production and delivery systems for broadcasters, OB truck companies, playout facilities, post-production houses, venues and sports complexes. Its award-winning branding and promotions systems, graphics-enabled master control switchers, sophisticated HD/SD switchable graphics production systems and integrated playout technologies allow producers to deliver dynamic live and pre-recorded content for any SD,HD, 3D stereoscopic, mobile, online or interactive application.

Gallium™ integrated scheduling, asset management and automation system:
Pixel Power continues to satisfy channels’ need to place graphics at the centre of their playout requirements with the latest version of Gallium. This is the company’s integrated, sophisticated and scalable scheduling, asset management and automation system. It provides automated control of Pixel Power’s transmission devices for graphics or complete channel playout, including ChannelMaster™. Gallium goes beyond what many expect from channel-in-a-box automation, providing enterprise-standard, scalable automated transmission. With the ability to manage multi-format content delivery, Gallium maximises sharing across multiple channels, reducing workload and resource requirements while enhancing delivery and consistency with a single operator.


ChannelMaster™ highly integrated, sophisticated, scalable channel playout systems:
Pixel Power successfully launched ChannelMaster last year with the technology already in use with major broadcasters and playout providers. The ChannelMaster family provides a cost-effective, reliable approach to deploying new channels, without compromise, allowing channels with graphical requirements of all levels to be aired. ChannelMaster is an out-of-the-box solution to bringing new channels to air quickly and cost-effectively. ChannelMaster integrates storage, graphics, DVE, audio, subtitling, master control, live feed and long-form video playout within a single dedicated hardware platform. ChannelMaster integrates with any automation and MAM system, or can be controlled with Pixel Power Gallium.

BrandMaster™ seamlessly integrates a complete master control switcher with broadcast graphics:
This is the world’s first family of Branding Switchers™ for channel branding. BrandMaster injects sophisticated branding graphics capability where it belongs —at the point of transmission — while reducing the complexity of the signal path and streamlining the channel branding process. A complete suite of automated broadcast graphics tools and full master control functionality make it easier to deliver a consistent, fully realised identity for a channel.


Clarity™ Create, manage and playout premium broadcast graphics including social media:
At BVE 2013, Pixel Power will highlight Clarity's use in scheduled, live and online production. On display will be new features that enhance the practical application of Clarity's innovative graphics including the creation of real-time 3D graphics for news and sports, social TV audience interaction and workflow improvements such as automatic up/down scaling of SD & HD content prior to playout.