LANG AG adds Panasonic Studio Cameras to its Rental Portfolio


Panasonic Broadcast announced that LANG AG, one of Europe’s leading providers of visual presentation technology for sale and for hire, has extended its rental catalogue with the addition of Panasonic AK-HC3500 studio cameras. The company’s decision was based on the cameras’ signal transmission technology and their low-noise images.

One of the reasons LANG AG selected the Panasonic AK-HC3500 was due to the technology it uses to transmit image signals. Panasonic does not use triaxial cables as they are not suitable for transferring large data volumes over long distances. With HD filming, which is now very common, the signals need to be compressed when triaxial cables are used. This can produce unwanted delays and lead to a visibly degradation of image quality. In contrast, the AK-HC3500 uses SMPTE311M hybrid camera cables for data transmission, sending the signal directly to the camera’s control unit with no delay and no loss.

Along with the issue of higher data volumes, filming in HD produces significantly more image noise than with Standard Definition. As a result, HD cameras need good noise handling, which is a decisive factor contributing to good picture quality. The AK-HC3500 has a signal-to-noise ratio of -60dB (at 1080i25).


“As with all of the devices in our rental portfolio, we thoroughly tested the AK-HC3500 before making a purchasing decision,” said Hubertus Beckmann, Technical Director at LANG AG.  “We were extremely impressed with the low-noise and natural-looking image quality. In addition, the images are transmitted with no loss and no delay, as triaxial cables are unnecessary.”

LANG AG is one of Europe’s leading wholesalers of visual presentation technology and associated peripherals, both for rental and for sale. Typical uses for the Panasonic camera include large-scale events with several thousand guests, as well as annual shareholder meetings. Organisers of this type of event use live studio cameras due to the requirement for the highest quality images.


“The fact that LANG AG has selected Panasonic underlines our commitment to innovation,” said Uwe Rohr, General Manager DACH at Panasonic Broadcast. “During the development of our solutions, we take the greatest care to provide the best technology available for each type of usage.”