L-S-B to Present VSM at the Hamburg Open 2013

The presentation at Stand 3.16 will spotlight VSM features

L-S-B Broadcast Technologies will present the company and the Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) at the Hamburg Open fair on 24 January 2013. The focus of the presentation at Stand 3.16 will be on the ‘Boxing’ function, the Advance Intercom Module and controlling devices via the graphic touch screen.

L-S-B Broadcast Technologies GmbH, leading manufacturers of control systems for radio and television productions based in Wiesbaden, will present the latest features of the Virtual Studio Managers (VSM) on 24 January 2013. The VSM is an IP-based control system and works independently of all device manufacturers. Consequently, it is fully flexible and can be adapted to take account of the individual circumstances and technical requirements. In other words, it is easy to integrate the VSM in the technical framework of virtually any production and broadcasting operation.

The presentation at Stand 3.16 will spotlight the following VSM features:

Maximising the flexibility of available studios, control rooms and production areas in a facility is key to maximising the investment made in both real estate space and technical hardware. ‘Boxing’ provides the logical framework to dynamically save and store multiple device set-ups and then transfer the complete settings to another production area or studio with a single button push. Any available studio now becomes a backup for a production even if equipment is different – the ultimate disaster/recovery solution. In addition, an available studio can be used to prepare a production which can then be recalled to any other in the studio cluster with the single push of a button!


The complete video, audio and intercom workflow can be controlled and processed via tablets. Modern workflows must be flexible and cost-effective. The Virtual Studio Manager has exactly the right tools to meet these demands on modern multi-media machines. Thus, standard touch screens or tablets are integrated into the production and studio operations.

Advance Intercom Module
With this add-on, the Virtual Studio Manager makes it possible to expand intercom panels in the studio or production setting virtually. Thanks to the VSM’s graphic user interface, the buttons of the intercom panel can be assigned ‘on-the-fly’ – truly a flexible addition to the intercom system.


Visit L-S-B Broadcast Technologies at the Hamburg Open (24 January 2013) at Stand 3.16 and see the possibilities opened up by the Virtual Studio Manager for yourself.