KVM Extenders for 4K

4K KVM extender, DL-Vision, sender and receiver

Great Britain’s most important tradeshow for broadcast, video and audio is just round the corner. The “Broadcast and Production Technology Event”, in short BVE, will take place at the ExCel London Exhibition and Convention Centre from February 25th to 27th, 2014. The tradeshow will be accompanied by various seminars, conferences and workshops covering a variety of current technical topics. Guntermann & Drunck GmbH (G&D) will again be present together with its British partner Omnio Technologies. Alongside with KVM novelties, the German-British tradeshow team will offer clear, customer-oriented and individual advice from planning to after-sales support.

News in the scope of KVM extenders: Ultra HD
For the first time, Guntermann & Drunck offers a KVM extension for 4K resolutions. While others still talk about it, G&D is doing it. They already offer a 4K resolution, in order to provide AV professionals with a future-proof video resolution already today. The ability of the DL-Vision KVM extenders to transmit even Ultra HD at full frame rate (60 Hz) makes it a capable extension system in the field of professional video signal processing and at workstations for monitoring comprehensive control room processes in different broadcast applications. Thanks to the UHD resolution many application processes can be displayed simultaneously on a single large format display. By using DL-Vision, staff from editing studios, CAD and 3D studios profits from computer-free workstations. Noise, waste heat and radiation leave the room together with the computers. The connection of the KVM system is enabled via optical fiber lines which besides the transmission of video signal also provide for transmission of keyboard and mouse as well as, optionally, audio, RS232, USB2.0 transparent.

Why G&D makes the difference in a broadcast environment
G&D clearly focuses on a professional mixture of flexibility, modular design and simplicity. They are playing an important role in product and technology development of the German manufacturer.

The digital KVM matrix, ControlCenter-Digital, in particular, combines all features of KVM extenders, KVM switches, additional functions, monitoring and management functions in one system. That is why the KVM matrix has already been nominated for the ISE Award which will be presented in February. At BVE, the “small” CCD with 160 dynamic ports will be shown for the first time.


Many functions require as much security
Wherever a variety of functions, computers and users come together, security plays a decisive role. Therefore, the ControlCenter-Digital system with an integrated “Trusted Platform Module” (TPM) protects any access and configuration data against exposure with an RSA-encrypting process and a 2048 bit key length. Sensitive information such as login data and passwords are permanently saved in an encrypted version. In addition, a RAID1 array system protects rights management and configuration data. An integrated monitoring via web interface, SNMP and Syslog recognizes, measures, documents and reports any values defined as critical before they can lead to a system shutdown. This ensures that the user is always one step ahead of the problem.