KVM – an investment in the future

KVM – an investment in the future

... or why the seamless integration of IT with the broadcast world is essential.

Guntermann & Drunck GmbH will be exhibiting high-performance KVM solutions for broadcast professionals from 27/02 to 01/03/2018 at BVE 2018, booth H24, where the team will also be offering comprehensive technical advice on individual projects. In London, the KVM manufacturers present their latest products and show why G&D's KVM systems are a future-proof investment for broadcasters.

KVM from G&D has been tried and tested in broadcast for many years

G&D's KVM systems are the backbone of large computer installations and provide producers with flexible, distributed access to remote computers – pixel-perfect and, of course, latency and delay-free, just as if they were still placed under the control desk. In real time, the computer signals are extended to the workstations via CAT cable or fiber optics. This makes flexible working concepts with changing workstations or flexible deployment of personnel possible, as each workstation can be connected to any computer connected to the KVM matrix.

Switching 4K resolutions via matrix systems

The presentation of the DP1.2-Vision extender system in combination with the KVM matrix switch ControlCenter-Compact will be one of the highlights at the booth. The KVM extension is fully compatible with G&D’s digital matrices and allows the extension, switching and distribution of 4K video signals through the matrix systems ControlCenter-Compact and ControlCenter-Digital. The KVM extender system provides pixel-perfect images and uses the in-house HDIP compression technology in the latest development stage, Level 3. This compression mode allows the loss-less transmission of video signals with a resolution of 4K at 60Hz. Thus, the systems require less bandwidth to transmit signals – but still provide crystal-clear images and latency-free operation. Following G&D’s Mix & Match concept, the DP1.2-Vision can be perfectly combined with the ControlCenter-Compact and can therefore be integrated into complex IT installations.


The ControlCenter-Compact is available in six expansion levels providing between 8 and 80 dynamic ports, which can be used either as input or as output. The device is compatible with both the DVICenter and the ControlCenter-Digital as well as all end devices, thus making it possible to add new systems to existing infrastructures. Customers are able to choose between CAT cables or fibre optics when transmitting data. A mixed variant supporting CAT and fibre complements the portfolio.

KVM from G&D offers seamless integration and interoperability

In addition, the KVM products can be connected quickly, easily and efficiently to typical broadcast equipment, e. g. broadcast control and monitoring systems, thus creating one big system. The KVM equipment and the underlying infrastructure therefore form an important bridge between IT and broadcast and enable homogeneous operation of all systems. This results in one big seamless system whose components work together perfectly. G&D's KVM systems have proven themselves in broadcast applications and offer stability in continuous operation, live broadcasts or even around-the-clock operation – in studios, in control rooms or in post-production.


KVM from G&D offers a wide range of functions for ease of use

G&D have always paid particular attention to the usability of their systems and have developed features that make working with this equipment as intuitive and self-explanatory as possible. The range of user-friendly matrix functionalities such as CrossDisplay-Switching, the push get-function, scenario switching, the KVM Matrix-Grid™ and various monitoring functions make G&D systems intuitive, convenient and efficient to use. The new tally light function has also been fully integrated into the matrix. This broadcast feature helps you transmit relevant tally light information to remote producer desks and highlights the active “on-air” system by using a connected “ON AIR” light. This way, you can avoid making any unwanted changes to a live computer. With their KVM devices, G&D are thus creating a perfect basis for ideal usability.

KVM from G&D is a safe investment

In addition to all of these user-friendly functionalities, G&D also offer the broadest KVM portfolio available on the market, which is compatible and combinable with each other. In this way, complex requirements can be solved, especially in heterogeneous system landscapes. A very important aspect is the expandability of the systems used. IT installations can also be retrofitted and expanded to meet future requirements, providing customers with additional investment security.

Hundreds of national and international production and post-production houses and TV stations already use G&D devices for their broadcast installations and thus benefit from the company’s 30-year experience of developing KVM equipment.