Kuwait Television's OB audio coverage evolves with Calrec Summa

Kuwait Television (KTV), Kuwait's official state-run television station and part of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information, is installing a Calrec Summa audio console in its newest and most advanced OB van. The Summa will give KTV the flexibility to cover a wider variety of programming and will be assigned to the broadcaster's most significant events.

"We're always working on expanding capacity and raising our standards of television production and delivery," said Waleed Hamadah, TV broadcast engineer, TV Engineering Division, Ministry of Information. "This new OB van is the embodiment of that effort, and the Summa console is a perfect fit for our ambitious goals.

"We have six other OB vans, and though the audio consoles in those units are more than adequate, the Summa console enables us to take our audio coverage to new heights. What's more, Summa's advanced audio capabilities mean less reliance on third-party companies and on other departments when covering the more complex audio events."


The Summa's functionality is more sophisticated than that of KTV's existing audio mixers, especially when it comes to reliance on the touch screen and ease of console configuration. Operators use the touch screen to deliver all commands and control multiple operations. The scalable nature of Hydra2 also allows more analogue/AES inputs and outputs to be connected than KTV's other mixers, which means KTV is able to accommodate larger shows and events, with the opportunity to add more I/O for future expansion of the system.

KTV's newest OB van will be deployed to cover all types of live programs, such as sport events and tournaments, live concerts, and talk shows.

"KTV were early adopters of Calrec's Zeta and Omega technology, and so they are a long-term customer of Calrec," said Calrec Audio International Sales Manager Anthony Harrison. "We're proud to be able to play a continuing role in their growth with the addition of the Summa console, and we look forward to seeing how KTV will benefit from the increase in functionality that this console will give them."


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