KLOTZ ais: Universal-Multicore System

This universally usable multicore system solves several tasks simultaneously

KLOTZ Cables Universal Multicore System (UMS) for network-based equipment including power supply and additional functions – the new KLOTZ universal system is an all-in-one solution for many applications within the scope of PA and lighting control.

KLOTZ Cables is extending its multicore range with a Universal Multicore System (UMS) for network/audio, DMX, control and mains. The system is based on the KLOTZ universal multicore cable HC54A8P25 with Harting Modular termination technique and the extremely robust TrueLink stagebox technique.

The UMS supplies
- four CAT5 data cables, flexible and shielded, with Neutrik etherCON connectors, ideal for all applications in audio network technology and Ethernet-based control systems
- eight digital audio lines with 4x XLR3-F and 4x XLR3-M on each side for DMX, PA returns and RS422 control
- mains lead with 3x 2.5mm² and Neutrik powerCON bulkhead connectors, sufficient for FOH power supply over long distances.


The complete linkage of stage equipment to FOH by one cable is simplifying cabling and avoiding interferences caused by differing earth potentials. The outer diameter of the universal hybrid cable is only 25.1mm.

This universally usable multicore system solves several tasks simultaneously and covers all requirements in a wide range of applications such as:
• Connection of devices in digital audio networks such as A-Net, CobraNet and EtherSound
• Lighting control based on ArtNet, MA-Net or Pathport protocols
• DMX lighting control based on USITT DMX512
• Remote control of devices by Ethernet protocol
• Remote control of devices by RS422 protocol
• Digital and analogue audio for PA, monitoring and intercom


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