Kinesys at Prolight +Sound 2014


UK based automation and motion control specialist Kinesys exhibits for the first time at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt, reflecting a steady growth in its international business in the entertainment technology sector, and a massive interest in its reliable and innovative solutions. Two major new products are launched at the show – Velocity 2 drives and the Mentor range of SIL3 safety controllers.

Kinesys will also be highlighting its EVO variable speed hoist system, its DigiHoist fixed speed digital chain hoist controller and its Libra range of accurate load measurement products.

Velocity 2
This line of powerful drives provides robust customised entertainment automation solutions for open-loop or closed-loop control of induction, linear and servo motors for winches, turntables, elevators and other stage machinery.


Engineered to deliver power and performance to high-end automation machinery, the highly flexible Velocity 2 offers capacities from 0.75 kW to 110 kW with configurable general purpose inputs and outputs and multiple control options.

The unit incorporates its own position controller allowing it to operate in stand-alone mode or as part of a larger networked system

Internal braking resistors and temperature controlled forced air cooling for quiet operation at a 100% duty cycle are included, and Velocity 2 incorporates a bright, colour touchscreen display for detailed diagnostic information and performance feedback, plus manual controls for quick and intuitive local control when required.

SIL3 safety technology is available as a factory fitted option, offering functionality including Safe Stop, Safe Emergency Limits, Safe Limited Speed, Safe Limited Acceleration, Safe Brake Control and Safe Load Monitoring.

Combined with Kinesys’ Mentor safety controllers, Velocity 2 can form part of a complete SIL3 control solution for single or multiple axes of movement.


Kinesys’ new Mentor range of safety controllers provide a safety backbone for the entire range of Kinesys automation products and allow product lines, both old and new to work together seamlessly at an emergency stop and safety level.  The Mentor range is divided into three distinct product lines.

Mentor Series 1 products represent the fundamental elements of a safety system, emergency stops, dead man’s handles and other safety devices such as light beams and safety switches.


Mentor Series 2 allows Series 1 products to be combined to allow larger systems to be easily created and to allow for systems to expand as the users’ requirements grow.

Series 3 products provide the key interface between Kinesys’ different product ranges, allowing the emergency stop systems built into EVO, Velocity, Elevation and DigiHoist systems to work together simply and easily.  They also combine all the inputs from Series 1 and 2 products to provide a comprehensive SIL3 emergency stop system.

Also on show at Frankfurt will be Kinesys’ EVO variable speed hoist control system with true zero speed capability.

This has been developed to meet BGV C1 and BS7905 requirements and is a multipurpose system with absolute positioning and high precision. True zero speed performance enables the motors to “hover” without the brakes being applied for very subtle slow movement cues and silent transitions between different cues.


Kinesys’ popular DigiHoist control system offers fixed speed digital control for chain hoists, complete with safety group functionality in a flexible, configurable, next generation control solution. DigiHoist incorporates all the safety features required to work in group hoist mode and complies with many strict EU standards. Load monitoring, group stop, positioning and self-healing Emergency Stop are all standard DigiHoist features.

Libra is a range of products designed to offer simple and accurate load measurements for use in numerous rigging and load-bearing applications. The system comprises three main elements: the load cell, the hub / power supply and the viewing / programming software. The Libra system has full connectivity with other Kinesys products allowing load measuring to be integrated into any system.