K-Tek Stingray Audio Harness - Premiering at IBC2015 in stand #11.D63

Designed to Reduce Back Fatigue

The audio specialists at K-Tek introduce a new concept in audio bag support, the Stingray Harness, designed to take the strain of a front-mounted audio equipment bag off a working sound mixer’s shoulders and back. Ergonomically designed and lightweight, it can be adjusted to comfortably fit most any body type.

Decades in the audio field and consistent feedback from audio professionals has given K-Tek the know-how to create the optimum harness design for comfort, ease of use and integration with a sound mixer’s array of working tools.

The Stingray Harness employs a rigid Exospine backbone, designed to transfer the audio bag weight throughout the harness to the hips—instead of weighing down the user’s shoulders and back. The Hip Fins transfer the rigid spine’s load to the user’s hips and legs, while six mounting straps effectively and comfortably secure the bag to the body. Due to its adjustable butterfly configuration that curves over the shoulders, plus the proprietary height adjustment ladder, and strategically placed pull-style straps—the Harness quickly fits the widest range of body types and sizes.


Though compatible with most audio bags, the Stingray Harness integrates perfectly with K-Tek’s Stingray Bags. With six bag attachment points, it is the most secure way to wear-and-work with audio sound gear. Plus users appreciate the ample array of D-rings, strap mounts and Molle straps that offer a multitude of attachment points for various sound accessories.

Even the padding has been rethought. A smart air-thru design and premium breathable materials, makes the harness comfortable and cool to wear.

After beta-testing the Stingray Harness for nearly a year, Sound Mixer Aaron 'Cujo' Cooley gave the new harness’ breathable design high marks when working in his native Georgia in the summer, explaining “…it ventilates better than anything else I’ve tried.”


But it’s the added back support that really sold him. “You can wear it loose, or wear it tight. The tighter I pull it, the better it feels. The benefit is being able to wear my bag for hours at a time without crying in agony.”

With an MSRP of $249 the KSHRN1 is available now through top audio equipment dealers worldwide.

Southern California’s, K-Tek is known for making award-winning Klassic and Avalon graphite and aluminum boom poles, microphone and camera accessories; including Nautilus shock mounts, Shark Antenna mount, Zeppelins, Fuzzy and Topper windscreens, camera poles, camera shoe mounts and Norbert DSLR accessory frames. K-Tek’s growing line of “Audio bags by Audio people” includes the Gizmo accessory carrier, Stingray working sound mixer bags, and new Audio Harness with a rigid back-saving spine.