Joseph Fiber Solutions at the NAB 2014 Show

NAB 2014 Show Joseph Electronics and Joseph Fiber Solutions Booth C5746

"The NAB Show is critical to our strategic marketing goals and provides us with a great opportunity to meet with current and future customers to discuss their needs for fiber transport. This year's attendees will see several brand-new designs that make live broadcast productions easier while taking today's economic challenges into account. We will also show some new remote powering solutions that make our solutions even more portable and convenient." — Yohay Hahamy, President, Joseph Electronics

The Caddie FP System Series
Designed to reduce setup and teardown time while providing all the signal transport necessary to streamline live video acquisition workflows, the Caddie FP Series by Joseph Fiber Solutions (JFS) maximizes the amount of time camera operators can spend on production and content. The series contains 13 different stageboxes — each contained in a portable, flypack-friendly package — that have been optimally configured to meet the demands of different types of events. The innovative, JFS-exclusive OPTC port on all camera caddies allows operators to daisy-chain additional Caddie systems in the series on a single camera cable. All feeds and returns ride on the original camera cable and can be deployed to distances of up to 6 miles (10 kilometers) with local power, or up to 1,600 feet (500 meters) when powered remotely from the base station. The rugged, reliable Caddie units are easy to set up and troubleshoot, thanks to their modular structure and Bluebell Opticom transport modules.

New 1-RU Modular Power Supply for the Caddie Series of Transport Products
Joseph's will introduce a new 1-RU modular power supply that makes it easy to provide remote power via hybrid fiber/copper cable to other Caddie Modular Series components. Features include:

• Compact design 
• Available for short and long stadium installations
• Available for OpticalCon or Lemo connectors
• Universal power input ranges
• For studio and or remote applications
• Based on proven technology


New 4K Studio Caddie With Pull-Out Electronics Drawer
Building on the success of the award-winning 4K Studio Caddie, Joseph Fiber Solutions (JFS) will introduce at the 2014 NAB Show an improved version that employs a pull-out electronics drawer. All electronics are removable from the base for fast and easy reconfigurations and repairs, keeping the camera setup intact for quick turnarounds. The system is compatible with any 4K box camera and is user-customizable for different camera requirements. The unit is fully compatible with the new Caddie Series Modular case and power options. Signals include camera control, two returns, and five 3Gb/s video sends as standard, plus intercom and audio feeds.

Digital Fiber Transport Series DFT-8 and DFT-12
The DFT-8 is a 1-RU low-cost option for bidirectional flow of eight video signals on a signal fiber. (A dual fiber redundancy option is available.) Paths may be user-configurable in pairs of two for any order of send and receive requirements. The product includes redundant power supplies for total back-up of critical paths.


The DFT-12 is the newest addition to the DFT Series, and it features 12 paths of video over single or dual fibers and is user-configurable in pairs of two for any combination of send and receive requirements. Additional options are audio, MADI, RTS intercom, and data modules that are fitted into the front four slots. 

The DFT Series provides the best customer-configurable signal transport package for its size. DFT units are perfect for ENG, small stadiums, and anywhere else that a simple point-to-point solution is required. All feature redundant power supplies for total back-up of critical paths.

Caddie Tote System
At the 2014 NAB Show, Joseph's will introduce the new Caddie Tote, a quick grab-and-go fiber transport package. Designed for ENG operations or any field use in adverse weather conditions, the system features four 3G video paths in each direction, four audios in each direction, 1G/s Ethernet path, and two channels of intercom. The unit is housed in a weatherproof enclosure that will provide full protection against the elements. The internal wide-range AC power supply has a standard Anton Bauer battery as backup for total remote operation.


New JFS DT-12 Companion Tester
The DT-12 Companion is an elegant cable tester for common DT-12 audio cables. Featuring a TFT Display, the unit can do quick pass/fail testing or a detailed cable analysis.

Company Overview:
Joseph Fiber Solutions (JFS), the fiber division of Joseph Electronics Inc., offers consultation, design, and integration of fiber-optic systems for broadcast and pro A/V applications. JFS represents best-in-class high-end fiber manufacturers and also creates innovative custom solutions — such as the Caddie Series, the DFT-8/12 Series, and the 4K Replay — for broadcasters and system integrators alike. Equipped with a state-of-the-art fiber lab staffed with fully certified professionals, JFS can fabricate, terminate, or repair any connector, assembly, panel, breakout, or interface in use today. JFS has representatives in California, New York, London, and Zurich.