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Jünger Audio Opens A New Office In China

Miss Jian Gao, a Chinese national with extensive experience in the broadcast industry, heads the Jünger Office in Beijing

With China now the world’s second-largest economy – and with an economic growth rate of around 9% a year - it makes sense for European companies to have a dedicated office in the country so that they are better placed to tap into this lucrative market.

German manufacturer Jünger Audio came to this conclusion some months ago and after careful research into the viability of a Chinese office it has announced the opening of Jünger Audio China. Based in Beijing, this new office is headed by Miss Jian Gao, a Chinese national with extensive experience in the broadcast and professional audio industry.

Peter Poers, Managing Director of Jünger Audio, says: “The combination of improved international relations, an expanding economy and increased foreign investment make China a very attractive business proposition for European companies. We felt from the beginning that it was imperative that our office should be headed by a Chinese national who understood both the business climate and our own industry. Jian Gao is ideally placed to fulfil this role and we are delighted that she is joining Jünger Audio as our chief representative in China.”


Jian Gao joins Jünger Audio from Loud Tech Inc. China where, as Marketing Director, she was responsible for establishing and implementing marketing strategy and product management for the Chinese market. She also took charge of building up relations with customers and government agencies in the broadcast and pro audio fields.

Her previous experience is also impressive. Jian Gao has a sound production degree from the Beijing Film Academy and spent five years working as a sound engineer at China National Radio. She then joined Sony as a broadcast and pro audio product manager, before moving to TC Electronics as National Marketing and Sales Manager, with responsibility for developing the market and building sales networks. Jian Gao has also spend time in the USA, where she studied for an MA in Radio, TV and Communications.

Commenting on her new role with Jünger Audio, she says: “I am very happy to be working with Jünger Audio and to be part of such a talented team. My role will be to organize the distribute business for Junger Audio products in China and help establish the Jünger Audio brand in the broadcast industry nationwide. I am looking forward to using my knowledge and experience to develop both business opportunities and customer relationships, and to strengthen Jünger Audio’s reputation for innovation and high quality products in this promising market.”

Among the products that Jian Gao will be promoting is Jünger Audio’s new T*AP TV Audio Processor, winner of an IBC 2010 Pick Hit Award and a Best at IBC 2010 Award from Broadcast Engineering and TVB Europe magazines respectively. The device, which is primarily designed for TV playout facilities, is a wide band 8 channel processor (8x1, 4x2, or 6+2) that focuses on automatic and adaptive loudness control using Jünger Audio’s renowned LEVEL MAGIC™ algorithm. This is already ITU 1770 compliant and will soon also be compliant with the new EBU R128 specifications. The new processor is capable of handling digital inputs (AES) and, through interface slots, all other usual audio formats including all SDI versions (SD, HD, 3G). Using the unique and proprietary Spectral Signature™ technology it also offers dynamic equalisation so that the sound can be ‘coloured’ much more easily than one can achieve with a traditional multi band sound processor. Optional Dolby Decoding and Encoding (D, D+, or Pulse), as well as metadata management, are also provided along with 5.1 Downmix and Jünger Audio’s 5.1 UPMIX circuit, which has been upgraded to deliver greatly improved performance and a range of new settings.


The Chinese market will also be introduced to Jünger Audio’s renowned LEVEL MAGIC™ Loudness control solution, which is now incorporated into products from manufacturers such as Miranda, Wohler and Harmonic, as well as being adopted as a stand-alone solution by broadcasters such as Discovery Channel, MediaCorp, Canal +, Astro and RTL.

LEVEL MAGIC™ is a sophisticated adaptive level control algorithm that is designed to adjust the level from any source at any time, with no pumping, breathing or distortion. It is based on a simultaneous combination of an AGC, a Transient Processor for fast changes and a “look ahead” Peak Limiter for continuous unattended control of any programme material, regardless of its original source.Capable of using any kind of I/O (Analogue and Digital) sources, as well as SDI, HD/SDI, Dolby 5.1 and all its related metadata, LEVEL MAGIC is available in a variety of configurations to suit different applications. It can also be configured and remotely controlled via a web interface – and it now complies with the ITU’s BS.R1770 loudness control specifications as level detection can easily be switched to ITU mode.

“Both our new T*AP and LEVEL MAGIC™ suite of products fulfil the requirements set by major broadcasters around the world for maintaining loudness consistency,” says Peter Poers. “This is a major issue for everyone involved in the broadcast industry, including those in China. Our strength lies in our 20-plus years of expertise in dynamic processing – and in our ability to deliver a range of products that are designed to solve the problem in an easy and cost effective way.”


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Established in Berlin in 1990, Jünger Audio specialises in the design and manufacture of high-quality digital audio dynamics processors. It has developed a unique range of digital processors that are designed to meet the demands of the professional audio market. All of its products are easy to operate and are developed and manufactured in-house, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained throughout. Its customers include many of the world’s top radio and TV broadcasters, IPTV providers, music recording studios and audio post production facilities.

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