Jünger Audio Gives China’s ZRTV Its Digital Processing Backbone

Jünger Audio Gives China’s ZRTV Its Digital Processing Backbone

The company's loudness control and audio processing units have been installed throughout the broadcaster’s new 42-storey TV Centre in Hangzhou

Zhejiang Radio and TV Group (ZRTG), a leading player among China’s TV broadcasters, has extended its existing relationship with digital audio specialist Jünger Audio by equipping its new Zhejiang International TV Centre with a range of loudness control and audio processing solutions from the German manufacturer.

Owned by the local Government, ZRTV delivers over 450 broadcast hours a day via its 12 television channels and eight radio channels. Since 2011 ZRTV has been successfully using Jünger Audio products to ensure the quality of its broadcasts, particularly those such as the popular music show Sing! China that are transmitted in 5.1 surround sound. For this reason, Jünger Audio products were an obvious choice for ZRTV’s new 42-storey TV Centre in Hangzhou, which houses several TV studios along with additional studios for music and film production.

Among the units supplied by Jünger Audio are five D*AP8 MAP EDITION surround monitoring audio processors; a D*AP8 TAP EDITION television audio processor and a D*AP4 VAP EDITION two channel voice audio processor – all of which incorporate a collection of adaptive processing algorithms and employ the industry standard Ember+ remote protocol that allows seamless integration with an increasingly wide range of compatible equipment. These have been installed in the Centre’s Post Production Studio 1, 5.1 Surround Sound, Final Mixing Room, Dialogue Recording Studio, Audition Studio and in two large television studios.


Mr. Wu Xiao Dong, Director of the Audio Department at ZJTV, says: “Jünger Audio is one of the few manufactures that supports all Dolby® codec hardware solutions, along with specific voice processing and auto up/down mix features. The real benefit these units bring to our productions is the ability to tackle Dolby E encoding, Dolby® metadata emulation, loudness and vocal voice processing.”


Mr. Wu adds that all the Jünger Audio D*AP units play an important role in ZRTV’s daily production and he appreciates the support he has received from the company over the years.

Jünger Audio's loudness control and audio processing units have been installed throughout the broadcaster’s new 42-storey TV Centre in Hangzhou

Junger Audio Peter Poers at ZRTV


“We are gradually moving forward with Dolby Atmos surround sound productions, so we have also invested in Jünger Audio’s J*AF LM by Flux – a software plug-in version of the company’s Level Magic™ loudness management algorithm that is specifically aimed at Digital Audio Workstation users,” he says. “This codec is ideal for ZRTV’s post production departments because it offers real-time and offline measurement and correction and supports all audio formats including Dolby Atmos.”

In addition to the D*AP and J*AF products installed at its new TV Centre, ZRTV has also ordered several D*AP8 MAP, D*AP TAP and D*AP VAP processors for its new Outside Broadcast vehicle, which is currently under construction in Europe.

"Jünger Audio has been excellent at providing us with technical training, technical support and even product loans," Mr. Wu adds. "In the future I can see there being more demand for Jünger Audio products as 5.1 and Dolby Atmos surround sound programme production increases."


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