ITN Delivers the News with SSL C10 HD Compact Broadcast Console

Our clients depend on us to deliver high quality content, so dealing with a reliable product from a top-shelf company is a must

Independent Television News (ITN), a major UK-based provider of news programming for a number of broadcasters, relies on a Solid State Logic C10 HD Compact Broadcast Console to deliver content to UK broadcaster Channel 5. Situated in a custom-designed studio located at the Channel 5 facility on Lower Thames Street, the C10 carries on the successful, long term relationship between ITN’s facilities and SSL. The C10 provides the live production power and expansion capabilities necessary for current and future programming for ITN and Channel 5.

“We were looking for a compact-sized solution that was expandable,” says Steve Luck, senior team leader of broadcast support for ITN. “Looking at the architecture of the C10 and the way the I/O was configured, the C10 was the perfect choice for this application. We additionally thought it was good to continue with the SSL product line through our excellent experience with a classic C100 and a more recent C100 HDS at other locations. Our operators are very familiar with both those consoles, so it just makes things easier for them to move between various locations.”

The new facility was put together at the request of Channel 5 management to have the news production studio built in the station’s -facility on Lower Thames Street, rather than at the ITN facility on Grays Inn Road, London. The C10 is used to produce full half hour news shows and regular two minute bulletins. The choice of the C10 was as much about reliability as it was about technical requirements for the program lineup.


“SSL’s support backup is very good,” continues Luck. “We have never had any issues with the way SSL supports its products. They are always very easy to talk to, prompt with answers to questions and are there for us if a crisis arises, and that is a very valuable addition to the purchase. I think there is a trust relationship that has built up over a period of time. Our clients depend on us to deliver high quality content, so dealing with a reliable product from a top-shelf company is a must. SSL fills this bill on all levels.”

The installation at the Channel 5 studio was dictated by operation requirements. The console is operated for the most part by a professional audio operator for the major programmes. For the two or three minute updates, the Technical Director (TD), uses a break out, eight-channel fader panel connected to the C10 in an adjacent room.


“The C10 allows us to work as a one man technical operation, when needed,” concludes Luck. “The professional operator will create the talent presets for EQ and dynamics, while the TD rides the levels. For a panel discussion show, the audio engineer will take control. We use several methods of automation at ITN so that we can work with reduced staffing levels and the C10 works well with our station automation systems. The C10 gives us a level of technology that is easily used by somebody who might not be a professional audio person. We also have a product that can be expanded without massive capital investment.”